What is TSU or display application? is it legit? how to get money ? how to use it to get more leads for affiliate links. payment proof. 2022

What is TSU or display application?

It is social media similar to Facebook or Instagram. in which you create content and get more followers and friends. get more Engagements but unlike Facebook that it shares it revenues from ads with its user. TSU or display app all your activities equal money. it has special button called ” Support me “ which is users use to get more income by supporting each other. It is available in android and apple store.

TSU or display application

How to sign up?

  1. click here to download
  2. complete your information.
  3. start to follow people and join communities

Is TSU or display app legit?

Yes it completely legit but don’t except t become rich from this app as it is few payments but the best use of this app is to get more followers to start promote your products or affiliate links.

How to get money from TSU or display app:

  1. you will earn money by creating content and start getting more engagements
  2. by getting a lot of supports. try to support your followers to increase your income as well
  3. inviting people to TSU or display application.
  4. by promoting your affiliate links between your followers
  5. through setting your market place and sell your products
market place
support me button
support me button.

How to promote your affiliate links:

start to join a lot of communities. communities on TSU or dispaly application is like groups in Facebooks which has Thousands of follower. start to post about your products to build awareness about your products. put links in your bio to get a lot of leads.

what is payment methods:


What it is minimum withdrawal in 15 dollar

How much you can get per month?

unfortunately that it pays very few money but your chance to get more money will increase by getting more followers. here is payment proof

payment proof