How I got $599.27 from PowerPoint Freelance jobs. how to use PowerPoint and become a freelance. How to get great ideas for your Designs. how to set your portfolio. how to apply for PowerPoint Freelance jobs. The best websites to start work

There is no doubt that PowerPoint now is a very powerful tool. all companies now use PowerPoint presentations and hire a lot of freelancers to design presentation and produce videos.

How to use PowerPoint:

before learning PowerPoint you should know more about uses of PowerPoint

  1. you can design slides to make a presentation in your company
  2. produce all kinds of designs like infographic designs, business cards, brochure, menu, cv, flyers and even eBooks.
  3. you also can produce high quality videos
  4. Thousands of people use PowerPoint to make online courses and sell these courses to get a lot money
  5. you can make charts and tables through PowerPoint as well

To use PowerPoint you should know more about 5 main tools that you will use in all of designs.

  1. Insert … shapes . shapes is the best and main icon that all designs depend on it. if you learn this tool you will design professional designs.
  2. once you insert any shape you can customize it from format to choose any color and any effect you want.
  3. it is necessary to learn how to merge shapes so that your work become more professional click here to learn all about PowerPoint
  4. if you have an audio go playback and click hide during show this will improve your video appearance
  5. to make sure that your audio will appear with the slide during the video go to animation and make sure that your audio will start with previous.

How to get creative ideas for your designs:

The best place to get creative ideas from is .it is the best platform to know more about trendy designs, business designs and it also you can put your designs and get more visitors and traffic.

you can also get creative ideas from Freepik the most popular free website and also use canva to get more ideas.

How to make a professional portfolio to apply to PowerPoint Freelance jobs:

After learning PowerPoint and and get ideas. Now you should Know more how to set your portfolio you can publish your work in Behance or in itself.

The best thing is to put your slides in mockup instead of publish your designs as pdf or pptx put them in mockups .there is a lot of online websites to put your design in.

this how it will look after place them in mockup. this will make your portfolio professional in appearance and will increase your chance to earn more money.

The best thing is to put your slides in mockup

The best website to start PowerPoint Freelance jobs is:

freelancer is the best way to earn money from. Everyday about 10 new PowerPoint jobs placed in freelaner.

you also can work in Upwork, fiver, people per hour and Guru.

Here is payment proof from freelancer website:

Here is payment proof from freelancer website:

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