What is Quora plateform? How does it work ? Top 8 reasons to choose Quora plateform? How to get free Traffic from Quora plateform?

Quora plateform. Quora ads

What is Quora plateform:

It is a platform to ask and answer questions so it is a place to share and get information and increase your knowledge so it is a top ranking site that make a successful market companies

Quora is used by people all around the world who ask and answere questions by online way

How does Quora plateform work

People can visit quora site from all over the world and ask their question and there is a large number of people who can answer this question

So google make high ranking to Quora because of this answers. Quora is a great website to make your articles or blogs rank in Google.

What is the best reason that make Quora important to your business:

There are some reasons that make Quora plateform helpful to your business

1: there are millions of visitor every month. It has exactly from . 5 to 1.4 million visitor most of them from USA. So you will get high Click per action. CPA

2: you can get information and increase your knowledge from other people by asking them some questions

3: you can learn from other customer Experience.

4: you can share content from other websites

5: you can link your website to Quora so that gives you alot of visitor to your website

6: it can drive traffic’s to your website when you solve their problems when you answer their question

7: you don’t need to pay any money to get your answer it done for free so it is very powerful

8: you can make a space in Quora to share all your Experience and get Traffic to your website or your affiliate links. So you can earn money from both your website and your affiliate link that you put inside your blog or article.

The best 2 advantages about Quora:

1: How fast you can get views and Traffic. You can get 1k visitor most of them from USA in your frist day using Quora. So it is very powerful and very fast.

2: You can also run ads and quora is the best choice to run ads on it. You will get about half million impression so it very useful and powerful to earn money online.

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