What is maxbounty? How to be accepted in maxbounty? Maxbounty offers. The most common questions and answers of maxbounty interview.

The best way to be accepted in maxbounty

What is Maxbounty?

It is one of the biggest websites to start CPA ( cost per action ) affiliate network . which has both advertisers and marketers.

How can you be accepted in maxbounty?

your account can accepted in the same day by following this way:

1: sign up for an account

2: validate the confirmation email you have been sent

3: fill your applications but remeber not to say this is the frist time to you as they will send you email that you don’t have enough Experience to be with us.

4: the most important step is phone interview. You will see now all questions and how to answer them to be accepted in maxbounty.

What is the offers of maxbounty?

1: ppl (pay per lead)

when you send qualified lead you start to get paid you can earn between 2 to 10 $ Per 1 lead

2:pps (pay per sale)

when you refer a qualified sales you start to paid

3: pay per sign up

a: first you sign up in maxbounty and you must be approved frist

B: to maximize your maxbounty earning you must find the right CPA

C: if you want to increase your income you must have a landing page that used to collect their emails before redirecting them to the offer

D: have a good push ads network to promote our offers

The most popular questions and how to answer to be accepted in maxbounty interview:

Firstly they may ask you your name, address and some basic things. You can easily answer those things about yourself.

After that Describe your past experience in affiliate marketing?

I’m a part-time affiliate marketer with ( your numbers of years experience), I’m working with many affiliate. Networks such as Clickbank, Jvzoo, WarriorPlus Admitad and Cj. ( any affiliate website you worked with before )

1. What is CPA Marketing?

CPA Marekting or Cost Per Action marketing which means a type of affiliate marketing in which a cpa marketer gets paid, only if the traffic they brought to a specific offer takes a specific action.

For example: Filling out form or finish surveys or subscribing for services.

2. How are you going to promote our offers?

I will simply run paid ads in Microsoft ads and test several offers that are available in maxbounty. Furthermore, I will make various blog/website on several niche to promote several offers of maxbounty.

3. How did you learn about CPA Marketing?

I have took some course and gained some free knowledge from various sources like: Blogs, Youtube Videos, Facebook groups and so on.

4. Have you earned any revenue by promoting any products or services online?

To be honest, I haven’t earned any revenue till today and I have heard maxbounty is one of the biggest and beginner friendly CPA Network. That’s why I have applied to maxbounty, so that I can earn thousands of dollar revenue in comming days.

NOTE please : If you have already generated some revenue than be sure that  you are able to email them the screenshot  proof of your earning if they ask for it. If you said yes I have earned without any proof then your account may be rejected instantly.

5. Have you ever used any landing page builder previously.

Yes, I have used 1 landing page builder previously. (Just tell them about any one like Get Response or Wix)

These are all expected questions in maxbounty phone interview. By doing all these steps you will 100% qualified to be accepted in maxbounty and start earning money

After you be accepted in maxbounty

here is how you will get Traffic to your your links or your website