The best 6 ways that will generate Thousands of free Traffic to your website so fast To get passive income. Get Free Ebook to download.

What dose Traffic mean:

Traffic means number of people that enter your website to read your article or blog or buy your products or your audience if you are influencer or public Figure. And it is the best way to get more Money Online. So if you write a blog so you will get money from visitors. Or if you are affilliate marketer you will get a lot of Commissions for your links. Which it is very powerful tool that all people searching for and pay a lot of money on ads just to increase traffics. Now i will show you Top 6 ways to get free Traffic and i will share free Ebook to download.

First way to get Thousands of free Traffic fast is :

Quora it is the best and the most powerful to get Traffic to your website or your affiliate links so so fast.

In your frist day using Quora you can get about 1k viwes in only 1 day. Quora is so Easy and so fast.

What is Quora? It is a plateform that people ask about everything and get answers. It has half million visitor every month. Which is powerful to get Traffic to your website.

The best way is to Creat a space in Quora and start to talk about the same topics of your website and make sure to Include your website links so that get free Traffic. In case you promote affiliate link make sure to make landing page don’t put direct links as Quora will directly delete it.

The second way to get Thousands of free Traffic fast is:

pinterest plateform: it is a very powerful and very fast website to give you Traffic.

within very few days you can get 2k visitor in only 5 days which is very magic free tool. Espcially if you are beginner.

Thrid way to get Thousands of free Traffic is:

Linked in is very powerful tool to get more Traffics as it has million of visitor every month so you can get a lot of Traffic.

How to use Linked in?

After complete your profile successfully start to share your blogs in article section.

Make sure that you put your website or blogs links inside your article.

The 4th way is :

Start to share your blogs in as it has a very huge visitor every month. So you can benefit a lot from it.

The 5th way is:

Start to share you links in social media plateforms like Facebook espcially Facebook groups that are intersted in your topic. Use instagram story and start to post all your links in social media. So that get more free Traffic.

The 6th way is:

There are a lot of free websites that you can ask them to write about you. This is very effective way and it helps you to rank in Google. You only will search on Google about write about us websites

make sure to write your blogs seo tool like yoast so that you can rank and get more organic traffic for free.

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