what is digital marketing? Importance of digital marketing. Top Strategies for digital marketing agency. The best 9 tools to start your digital marketing agency

digital marketing is refer to any online business such as email marketing ,social media, blogging and pay per click advertising

there are some things to assist your digital marketing for example :

1: website

2: video content

3: images

4: review

5: social media pages

6:written content

but all agencies need successful strategy to build powerful agency

Strategies for digital marketing agency

Strategies of digital marketing of digital marketing agency
Marketing Strategy Connting Digital Devices Concept

1:pay per click advertising

you pay for every user who click on ads and this is vey useful to start as affiliate marketer

2: paid search advertising

It is the best way to target potential customers who are actively searching for a product of service like yours

Google and yahoo allow you to run text ads on there search engine result pages

3:SEO(search engine optimization)

Use to try to rank pages or blog posts on the site organically you don’t pay money but you take time and effort to rank your page

4:paid social media advertising

It is a great way build awareness with audience

for example: face book, instagram, Twitter and so on they allow to run ads to the site

5:social media marketing

It is free way to use the platform of social media to mark your business while this way take time and effort it gives you cheap result to improve your digital marketing

6: conversation rate optimization

It is a way to improve online users experience

7: content marketing

you can use the content to improve your digital markting but build brand awareness or drive click leads or sales

8: email markting

it is old way and still one of the great ways to connect to your customer by sending emails to make special deals

9: affiliate marketing

You can pay money to some one who can promote product and service on your website

Importance of digital marketing

1: helps you to search for large audience more than any other methods

2: enable you to measure success on a daily basis

3:helps you to track compaign in a daily basic

4: decrease money you spend on any other ways

5: helps your market to sub group within your large target audience if you sell multiple products or service to different buyer persones

6: can give you start to finish view of all metrics that might matter your company

7: allow you to see acturate result in areal time

8: can see exact number of people who viewed your website by using ( digital analysis software) and can see how many pages they visit

9: it is important to your business by using email marketing to connect with customer they spend much time online.

if you want to make your business using digital marketing you must take care of 3 things

first: you must like this business

second : you must be good in this carrier

third: you must be sure that people would pay money for this thing

if you sure that these 3 items are present you are ready to make your digital markting agency

five steps to start your digital marketing agency

1:develop your skills

you must improve your digital markting skills and have more experience to can work to the client every thing he want

2: be a contractor before becoming a founder

take the job that consider risk for you because it develop the foundation for a business before making decision to do it full timing this time try to make your own client this allow you to make relationships that gives you more audience

3: develop the right business model

that model helps you to know how much the work take time for the client so the client know exactly the time of this Project and both of them must agree

4: define your niche

5: decide how you want to scale

Tools of digital marketing

1: organic social media tools

Like facebook, Twitter and instagram they have millions people that spend much of there time on social media so it is one of the most channel for brands

2: paid social media tools

it is paid platform in which you put your product in front of large number of people and you can increase your chance to earn

3: email marketing tools

It is effective markting channel using email service povide to send many emails at the same time to your email list that can help you to increase your products sales check this email marketing system

4: Seo

is a process to increase your website visibility for relevant search results in which you increase visitor to your website

check this traffic system one of the best tools

5: website testing tools

Free online tool that test your website speed and monitor your page performance and it is very important Tools For Digital Marketing Agency

6: video hosting tools

it is one of the most effective Tools For Digital Marketing Agency to get many viewers

Video content is on track to take over 80% of all website traffics

It make effort and time but give a great resuls

7: content creating tools

enable business to create connect for their marketing

It includes images , videos and information to your products and you can make offers to your products in our plan to increase earn

8: affiliate marketing tools

It is a process of earning a commission by promoting other people products in which you find a product you like and promote it to others and earn apiece of the profit for each sale you make

9: customer service tools

you can provide customer service to encourage customers to have a great interaction with your brand