What is Pinterest? how to create a business account? How can you start your business using Pinterest? get free traffics from Pinterest. the best rank number 1 in Pinterest.

What is Pinterest:

The best way to rank number 1 in Pinterest 2022.

It is social media service designed to give you ideas and discover more information and tips

It is lmage sharing service and visual discovery engine for organizing you idea

helpful for people who search for new ideas for their interested and to improve there hippies

You search for the new ideas it appears to you as a pin that you can save it

This pin can link back to website so it can drive traffics to your website

How to sign up to Pinterest and How rank number 1 in Pinterest:

1: open Pinterest application ( be sure that you are making business account not normal account )

2:enter your email then enter your password

3: you can tap log in (choose log in with Facebook or with google)

4: you should follow 5 topics that you are interested in

How can you start your business using Pinterest

1: make business account or add business profile to your personal account

2: after you set your business name , location and language choose the best fits your business

3: claim your website

4: Enable rich pins

5: choose a cover photo to your profile

What I the benifit of pinterest in business

1: it is one of the popular international platform it has millions of visitor per month

2: It allow brands to collect and organize article , images and other forms of online content that you want to start your business in

3: it is powerful business tool that help you increase sales by increase brands awareness

4: it make along lasting relationships with your audience

5: it is free platform so you don’t pay any money to get new ideas

6: about 85% of weekly visitor use Pinterest to buy products

How to get free traffics from Pinterest:

Pinterest is a very powerful tool to get traffics to your website and the beat advantage about Pinterest is

how fast you can get free traffics with very little efforts. and easily you can rank number 1 in Pinterest

first create a pin. Go to canva.com and start to design a creative pin be sure to choose “Pinterest pin” to get perfect size then downlead your pin.

How to rank number 1 in Pinterest:

Note: try to put the same title of your blog or article or even the topic of your affiliate product in your design so that help to get more traffics and more clicks to your links

Try to search about key words with less number of competition and use it in your title

in your description use a lot of key words so that ensure to rank number 1 in Pinterest.

put your website or your affiliate link so that get free traffic

check here to learn best free methods to get traffics