Best websites in affiliate marketing. how to signup . How to start working on them. how to start amazon affiliate and maxbounty affiliate.

The best websites in affiliate marketing

most affiliate marketer used affiliate marketing website to search for offers for their blogs

1: SharaAsale affiliate

SharaASale is an affiliate marketing network that pays a commission to affiliates per sale

There are 2500 programs that help you to earn this commission

five steps to start in SharaAsale affiliate

1: creat an enticing bio on your profile page

2: find products or service you can promote

3: start to promote the product or the service

4: take advantage of SharaAsale affiliate promotional tools to optimize your work

5: track your performance

2: clickbank

It is one of the Best websites in affiliate marketing

It is company has more than 6 millions clients all over the world

Advantage of clickbank

Click is simple than other affiliate marketing network to sign up

You can join clickbank for free so you can start to learn or start your business with out money

It pay high commissionn from75% to100%

You can use clickbank in many programs like art, business, education, internet marketing ,

software, and many other programs

What is the methods of payment

1: check

2: direct deposit

3: wire transfer

4: payoneer

3: maxbounty one of the best websites in affiliate marketing

It is a performance based affiliate network . act as a liaison between advertise and affiliate

It also a cost per action affiliate network (CPA) get all details about maxbounty from here and how to be accepted

Maxbounty has some offers

1:pay per sale(pps)

2: pay per lead(ppl)

3: pay per sign up

What do you need to approve in maxbounty

To apply to maxbounty you need email , phone number, Skype iD, website or landing page and need information about affiliate marketing

How to make money by maxbounty affiliate

1: maxbounty sign up

2: maxbounty account approval

3: find the best CPA offers to maximize your income by maxbounty

4: make landing page to increase your earning

4:Amazon associates one of the best websites in affiliate marketing

amazon affiliate

amazon affiliate is an affiliate marketing program that allows users to monetize their websites , social media or blogs

The users of amazone affiliate place the links of amazone products in there websites

How to make money by Amazon affiliate

1: learn some basic HTML

2: choose your topic

3: pick a domain name

4: register the domain name you pick

5: set up web hosting for your site

6: install a blog software

7: set categories up

8: sign up in amazone

9: make blogs or ebook

10: create the amazone build a link book mark/link

11: build your first link

13: blog your review

14: build out your site

15: promote your site