Best Email Marketing Tools 2022? Advantage of email marketing in small business. How can you start your business by using email marketing

Email marketing

It is a digital marketing channel using email service povide( ESP) to send many emails at the same time to your email list that can help you to get more conversions and increase number of your product sales

all large companies depend on the power of email marketing to get more clients by printing there offer’s throw emails

Advantage of email marketing in small business

If you have your own small business so email marketing is very important to you because it is an effective way to communicate directly to your customer

1: it is cheaper than online advertising

2:it gives you great engagement to your customer

How can you start your business by using email marketing

1:you must have your plan

You must have your own plan and know your goals before you start

You must have a clear ideas that you send to your direct customers

be sure that email markting is a great way to reach your goals.

2: building your business email list

it is very important step to build your email list by start sending out your email marketing compaign

you can collect emails from your known contact

you can extract the information of your customers by manual way like add address into email marketing software

3: choose the type of compaign you want to send

The email must be effective and attract different types of customers

4: creating your first email marketing campaign

Email marketing tools for small business

The Best Email Marketing Tools For Small Business 2022

it is a good service of email marketing helps you to make highly engagement newsletters with an easy user interface

You should be able to easily send bulk emails and targeted them with out effort this process called (marketing automation)

Services of email marketing make it easy to manage your contact list by making them in groups

Some of This tools are:

1: constant contact

It is one of the fastest and largest email marketing service it can manage email marketing list,temples and contact very easy

Constant contact has 60 day free trial then begin to be minimum than 20 dollar per month

It can collect customers in live chat or phone calls so it can collect unmatched customers together

It help the owners of small business to learn the basics of email marketing fast so it is helpful for small business


it is powerful email marketing platform for digital marketing

Drip help small business because it allow to send bulk emails while connecting and engaging with evrey customer on a personal level using there smart e-commerce marketing automation

Drip offer’s free trial then start with 49 dollars per month

3: Get Response one of the best Email Marketing Tools

It is smpile and easy email marketing tool

Get Response tool helps you to creat effective email campaigns to boost your profits

It has 30 day for free then be 15 dollars per month