what is freelancer? How can you start as a freelance? highest paying freelance jobs? how to be accepted and get your first review?

What is freelance?

Freelance is a person who is self employed he works to himself with out company

He works in online market place that provide a mean of clients and freelancers

Freelance is a place where the blind search for a person who has some skills to help him

The clients may need a freelance to write , make Powerpoint presentation,make videos ,for translation and may need him to be assistant to him in his job or his company

if you want to start your job in freelancer you must have skills to can help the clients

The clients enter a freelance platform and post his projects and put the money he will pay after the freelance finish his job

If you want to apply to his project place your pid and the client will chat you if he want to a ward you this project

highest paying freelance jobs

How can you start as a freelance? and are highest paying freelance jobs?

1: find the platform

2: make your profile

3: make a good portfolio for you includes all your previous

4: determine your price but try to place reasonable price not too much and not too little

5: find a suitable work to your skills

6: try to make a good relationship with the client becouse you may work with him to a long run

Types of the highest paying freelance jobs

1: digital marketing

It is refer to any online business such as email marketing, social media, blogging and pay per click advertising

2: SEO consulting

SEO(search engine optimization) that helps optimizing content to appear at the top of research results

Online business pay a lot of money for online help becouse it rank them in search results so helps them generate more leads

3: video production

videos are great tool to help large companies to promote there products and get new customers

4: software development

It is one of the most payment job for example build mobile app, creat games and web development project

Small and large companies need them so it is one of the important skills

5: sales and lead generation

It is a job done from home so you need fast internet speed to make video calls and consider one of the highest paying skills

How to get the money you earn after complete your work

1: paypal

2: payoneer digital payment

3: in person cash payment

4: check

5: credit card