What is the meaning of virtual assistant? what is the skills you need to be a good virtual assistant freelancer? how to get your money from virtual assistant freelance job?

what does virtual assistant do

What does virtual assistant do ?

virtual assistant is a person who help the clients in administrative services and work outside the client office

He takes his tasks and makes it from a remote location for example he runs some tasks like sending e.mails to customers or management social media platforms so he is very helpful to any client.

What are the skills needed to be a good VA freelance?

To be a good VA freelance you must have some skills some of them are

1: oral communication and writing skills

This skill is very important to understand the clients and understand the job you that you will make

So you will save your effort and time to take the order or send the job

2: computer skills

computer skills is one of the most effective skills you must have because most of the online work done by computer

If you become VA to a digital marketer or social media media influencer or any other client number one is to have a lot of computer skills

So if have a great computer skills they will make you in the top in virtual assistant freelance job and most of the clients needed you to work with you

Great computer skills help you to take large salary so it’s very helpful to make money more easy

3: quick thinking and new ideas

to be a good VA freelance you needed to have a talent in creating new ideas

Creating a good ideas in a short time makes you very wanted in this job because this skill is very helpful to the client and he will pay a lot of money to get creative and new ideas that helps him to improve his business

4: attention to details

This is also important skill to take care of all the details of the task to make it very well

5: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and pinterest work

You must have skills in social media management because now all online businesses needed social media manager to run their work and post daily to audience so that increase their followers and their customers

So you must be good in making posts, reply to the comments and analyze your engagement to improve your work.

How to get your money from virtual assistant freelance job?

a lot of clients ask for VA with these skills everyday on freelancer.com or fiver or Upwork so if already have these skills you can easily apply and start work

VA can get up to 1000 monthly and can take his salary through PayPal or any payment method.