why is email marketing important for small businesses? what is Email marketing? types of Email marketing. what are the best practices and how to write effective email without go to spam?

Email marketing is type of digital marketing and it is the most powerful and cheapest tool to compared to other ways of advertising  to start your own business and reach to huge number of clients.

What are the main types of Email marketing:

The normal type of email marketing and the most legal one:

is that when you offer a free eBook or free course by running ads on Facebook or any other social media platform here is people legally subscribe to your Email list and you are now can send them every new updates or promote a product to sell it.

simply because you give value you not directly send links with buy now or hurry up no for sure you give them valuable content valuable course for free so that make them enter your links then you legally collect their emails an build your email list and send them offers or anything you want so it just a tool to get people to subscribe to your email list and start your business.

bulk emails: this is kind of illegal email marketing and spam.

cold emails: cold emails is now very common way people use to reach to a lot of targeted customers but what is the difference that makes it not spam emails?

Why is email marketing important for small businesses:

first reason: email marketing is very cheap compared to any advertising way like Facebook ads that the cost per click can be up to 7$ or more and on the other hand email marketing can cost you 10$ in total as a beginner and if you work smart in email marketing you can get Thousands of dollars per month from the power of email business

second reason: email marketing is the best way to contact with clients you need this you need good relationship with your customers, you need to always send emails with new updates and invitations or new offers that can help them. 

third reason: email marketing gives you best analytics so that you can benefit from these analytics to improve your quality of your work 

How to send effective email without going to spam?

before sending any email there are some tool you must know to ensure  that your email will reach the inbox 

GMass: before you send any email you need to check if your email will be inbox or in spam. GMass is very powerful tool to check if you email will be on spam or inbox 

Before send your email Click on inbox, spam, promotions to Ensure where your email will be in.

You should test your subject line to increase your chance of Opening your email.

Send check it: is very powerful tool to measure if your subject line is effective and people will open it

It gives you score to check how effective your email subject line

and this will help you to get a lot of open rate and click rates

Here you will enter your subject line here and see your score

Mail Tester: this very effective way to test your email and this will show you

Score between ( 1 to 10) 10 is the most effective email