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7 ideas of websites to make money from

Now a days a lot of people start their online business and become a powerful type of business To make a lot of money from.

Online business have a lot of forms one of them is creating websites

Creating a new website is a very powerful idea to have your own carrier and you have a variety to choose the idea of the website that will be suitable for you.

Now I will show you some ideas of websites that will help you to choose the kind of website that you will start to work

7 ideas of websites to make money from

1: blog website

Blog website is one of the most common types of websites it helps people who love producing consistent content

And if you have company writing a blog will help your company to rank in search engines and get a lot of audiences

And also to share information about a given topics and become an expert in an industry

Writing a blog also used to attract visitors to your website and turn this visitors into leads

2: business website

business website is very helpful to improve your business and make the customers know information about your business so this kind of websites will increase your products paying and increase your income

3: fitness website

a lot of people these days are interested in fitness so this type of website will attract large number of visitors to get information about fitness

You can make in this website video tutorial or diet tips or exercise equipment review.

4: E commerce website

This website will help you to buy and sell digital products and online Services and goods using internet

5: fashion website

fashion website is a type of website that followed by people who interested in fashion

You can use it to showcase modeling portfolios ,offer styling tips or creat online boutique business

6: traveling website

Traveling website is another idea of websites you can make money by sharing online tips and beautiful places to visit

7: Services website

It is one of the best ideas of websites that helps freelancers and companies selling service

So it helps in promoting service such as marketing consultation, website maintenance and content production

another ideas of websites to make money from.

Web design website, photography website,self help website , music website, beauty website, sport website, food website and nutrition website.

How to make your website successful?

1- First you should know what niche of website you are interested in.

2- set your goals

3- Start publish your website and remember SEO fundamental

How to make money from websites?

One of the aims of the website is making money especially If you make it as business so you should follow some steps to improve your website and increase your money some of these ideas are:

1: affiliate marketing

2: sell to email subscribe

3: sell digital products

4: make review about products

5: publish sponsored posts

6 use text link advertising

How many views do you want to make money?

The money that are earn from websites depend on views and click rate

At least the website need 1k page view every day