What is the meaning of online store,How to own online store without website , how does online store cost, ideas of online stores, what is the best online sites , how long it takes to make money from online store

What is meaning of online store?

Online store is a form of electronic commerce in which people can buy good and services through internet by using mobile application

Just you make search about the products you need and buy it

How to own online store without website know more secretes

How can you establish your own online store without website?

it is not a problem to make your online store without website because you already have several ways to make it

First you can make it through online marketplace like amazon and eBay

Second you have do it through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, pinterest and instagram

The third way is becoming a wholesaler and selling products to retailers with an existing online store

The way number four is building an ecommerce site with diy tools

how does online store cost?

It depends on how large your company is and how much traffic you have.

Ideas of online stores.

There are many ideas about shopping online such as

1: book store

2: liquor store

3: hard ware store

4: pet store

5: pharmaceutical store

6: gift store

7: boutiques

8: candy store

What is the best online shopping sites?

We said if we don’t have website we can buy through other sites

I will tell you some of the best sites

Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, target, best buy, Flipkart

Amazon is considered the best online site

Boohaa, ASOS,zaful, Forever 21 are considered from the cheapest sites

These sites are very helpful to you to sell online with out website

How long it takes to make money from online store?

to be rich from this store it takes about 3 years

you can start earning through months but be to earn a lot of money online this will take time and depend on how much effort you will spend on this business

How to get money after selling online?

there are different methods to get your money after selling online like PayPal,propay, google check out, check and may be bank transfer.