What are best 7 ideas to earn money from home? How to start earn money online? Top fields to get money online

Earning money is one of the most important things now a days a lot of people spend so much time in thinking about how can I get money and thinking for suitable ways to get money according to their skills

Some of these people interested in writing or computer skills or social media or email marketing or digital marketing

And other people are interested in online selling or have the ability to sell products with percentage “affiliate marketing” even if you have no skill or no money to invest their are always solutions for these problems

Best 6 ideas to earn money from home

Now we will go deep on the best ideas of getting money online

Best 7 ideas to earn money from home

1: freelance

2: starting your own website

3: language translation

4: virtual assistant

5: social media management

6: affiliate marketing

7: CAP marketing


Freelancer is a person who work to himself he takes the task from the client and finish it professionally and earn his money after finishing the job

There are a lot of examples about freelance jobs

You choose the job according to the skills you have or interested in

You can work as video editor, photographer,writer, presentation, making power point and many examples of jobs

2: starting your own website

It consider one of the most effective idea to earn money

Because it is your own project and their are a lot of kinds of websites

For example blogging website, beautiful website, fashion website, food website, selling website,survive website and so on

You can choose the niche of website according to your skills and which kind of websites you interested in

3: language translation

A lot of people need translator to helps them to finish their job

There are a lot of types of translation for example media translator , legal translation, technical translation, certified translation

4:Virtual assistant

virtual assistant is a person who help the clients in administrative services and work outside the client office

He takes his tasks and make it from a remote location for example he send emails to customers , management social media platform and many other works

So he is a very helpful person to the client

5: social media management

Now a days social media platform is very important I t consist of millions of peoples who used it daily

If you have the skills in social media like pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to share posts or communication with the audience or follow comments and reply it

Or have the ability to know the ideas of the audience and take it to improve the client job so you will be very effective to the client and it will be a good job to you form home

6: affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning money every time by promoting the company products selling

Your percentage after selling usually between 50 to 70%

It depend on your sale and the results you made so it becomes a good source of money from home

7: Cpa marketing

cpa marketing means: you earn per lead every time you get more people to finish offer or survey or enter some information like email address or phone number you will receive money

This is very easy way to get money

you can earn from 2 to 7 or 15$ per lead depend on:

the offer or the website you are using so this easy thing and you don’t need to have skill or invest your money on it