what is SEO, the best SEO free WordPress plugins, how to set up every plugin, how to use these plugins

Search engine optimization (SEO):

The best three SEO free WordPress plugins

SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffics to a website or a web page from search engines

The best three SEO free wordpress plugins

1: SEO WordPress yoast it is the most common SEO free wordPress plugin

It is powerful tool for SEO that guide you best readability for you contact and better keywords

How to setup yoast SEO?

1: login the wordpress website so you will be in your dashboard

2: click on the plugins

3: search for yoast SEO

4: install the plugins

5: activate the plugins

how yoast seo plugin work

yoast plugin helps you step by step to ensure that your on page Seo is completely optimized by give you points that you have to fix and points that you have to improve and what you already finish it successfully

also yoast plugin helps you to improve the readability

how to improve readability in yoast seo plugin

2: rank math

Rank math is Search engine optimization plugin for wordpress that makes it easy to anyone to optimize their content with built in suggestions based on widely accepted best practices

Rank math is 3x lighter than yoast so it is 3x faster website than yoast

it is free plugin with a wide range of features

How to setup in rank math?

1: login your wordpress dashboard

2: add new under plugin menu

3: search for wordpress SEO rank math

4: activate the plugin and start

how to use rank math

3: all in one SEO

It is the original wordpress SEO plugin it’s allow you to easily import SEO

it is easy to use and don’t need special skills so it is powerful to make your website rank in search engines

So it is very useful to get free traffics

All in one is free SEO plugin

All in one is more controled and more easy to use than yoast

How you use all in one SEO ?

1: login wordpress site and click on pages or posts in the Left of wordpress menu

2: Located the page or post your want to make SEO

3: scroll down to the all in one SEO box

4: enter your description in the description box

5: update to save your new SEO description