How to be a freelance translator 2022? what are the skills that you need to be professional translator, what are the different types of translation

What is the meaning of freelance translator ?

Freelance translator is a person who convert text from one language to another language

how to be freelance translator

What are the skills you need to be professional in translation?

1: advanced language knowledge

You have to improve your language knowledge because you must understand all the information in the text you will translate

So To improve your knowledge you must study hard, listen to language courses, be well in writing and reading

2: writing skills

To be professional translator you must be professional in writing

So To improve writing skills you can take writing courses, train yourself to write with flair, try to write a variety of text style to help your self to improve writing skills

3: sound research skills

Translator are always researching words, meaning,vacab and background information

4: computer skills

It is one of the most important skills you have to learn because most of the freelance translator do their job through labtops or computer

So if you have good computer skills you save time and effort to end your translator tasks

What are the types of translation done by freelance translator?

1: medical translator

Medical translation is translation to pharmaceutical documents and all the elements related to the health care industry the most common type of translation and everyday clients on websites like freelancer or up work ask for medical translator

2: technical translator

It’s a translation of documents produced by technical writer and all the text relater to technological subject areas or scientific texts

3: administrative translator

It is translation of administration related documents for conducting the business process and government documents

4: commercial translator

This types of texts in commercial documents could include business correspondence,tender documents, reports, company accounts

5: Legal translator

It’s a translation to legal settings and legal purposes and this type of translation used only in low