what is constant contact email marketing, what are the advantages of constant contact email marketing, what is the pricing plan of constant contact

What is constant contact email marketing?

constant contant email marketing is designed platform helping small business in email marketing efforts for example help in automating and personalizing emails ​

so it helps in sending the right massage to the customer

​ also email marketing constant contact is important to business to import customers data from spread sheets or email clients for example Gmail and Microsoft outlook

To build email list emails there are sign up formes can be personalized and embedded on web pages or Facebook to capture new contacts so the email list is build

What is the advantage of constant contact?

1: automate email marketing compaigns

2: real time tracking for emails

3: easy in edit and creat email

4: social media marketing made easy

What is the pricing plan for constant contact?

the variety of the price are come from the amount of emails are send so it has 2 plans

1: start from 20 dollars per month

It helps small teams or freelance who don’t need the most advanced email marketing

2: start from 45 dollars per month

It is called constant contact plus

it’s a great choice if you need automation or event management or online survey

3: 15% discount

this plan applied to 6to12 month

4: 30% discount

how to help small business with constant contact email marketing

Also you have 60 day for try constant contact for free

And 30 day money back

You can send emails to individuals in constant contact for one email to 31 email

You can do this job by set the time you need the email sent

Also you have open number of emails that you can send per day according to the plan you use

So the number of emails is unlimited and also there is ability to stop sending the schedule emails