How to be professional video editor freelancer ,what are the skills needed to be a professional video editor and what are the most video editor software programs.

What is video editing or other term ” montage ” :

Video editing is a process of arrangment of video shots to produce a professional video or film by adding professional seamless Transations. And some professional effects so that get professional appearance and high quality video.

Video editor is a person who rearranging video shots to creat a new work and also piecing together video clips, images and sounds to create a movie

The Best methods to be a video editor freelancer

What is the skills you need to be professional video editor freelancer

To be a good video editor freelancer you must have some skills that make your work easy

1: attention to details

2: creativity

3: aweraness with new tecqunices and trends.

4:organization skills

5: communication skills

6: problem solving skills

7: be good in software programs

8: language skills

8: writing skills

10: interpersonal skills

What are the best video editor software to start this job?

To start your carrier a video editing career you must have at least Experience in 2 programs according to type of videos you will be specialist on. As there are many types of videos. Animation video, white board videos, advertising videos, youtube videos, Presentation videos, etc….

Some of these programs are :

Adobe premiere pro:

The most popular and one of the best program to start video editing. It is easy to use and you can use it for editing youtube videos and blogs. Cut Scene that you didn’t want. Or add part to your video. can be used also to edit audio. There is no doubt that Adobe premiere pro the best program to learn and use and also you can be professional video editor with it only but you need to go deep into the details all things can be done using it but you must learn professional tricks to get the best results and produce professional video

After effects:

one of the best programs to use. But not to produce blog or youtube video or long video Maximum thing is 3 min video. You only use it to add effects, remove background, do professional intro, most popular thing also is to edit templates.

There are a lot of templates to use on the internet.

As video editor the more tecqunices you have and Creativity the more work and professional videos you will produce

customers consider video editor that have after effects and Adobe premiere pro skill as a professional video editor

Final cut:

professional video editing software professional video editors use this software

Davinci Resolve:

consider the best software to get cinematic colours and professional look.

How to be professional video editor freelancer:

1-Frist thing is to set your portfolio with your previous work. No need to but hundred of videos. 5 to 10 is great to any customer to check your quality of work.

2- Don’t use templates: templates won’t prove that you are professional. You can use part of templates to add value and professional look to your video. But not to copy paste template this not professionalism.

3- work fast: as long as you produce your video fast and give it to you client within the deadline you will be successful And they will recommend it you to other clients.

4- try to make your clients satisfied as possible as you can: if they need edits did them. Something that will increase your chance to be accepted is to tell him i will give you unlimited revisions this will increase your value and your chance

5- give sample: before aword project to you this will increase your value and prove that you are professional and you can finish any video according to their requirements.