How to make 1000$ per month with Amazon? What is Amazon affiliate program? how to sign up and become amazon affiliate marketer

what is Amazon affiliate program?

it is one of the largest affiliate platform that helps publishers and website owner monetize their traffics

you can make money from Amazon by earning commission on every product they refer traffic to and also from products their readers may purchase on Amazon

amazon affiliate marketing.

you don’t have to pay to an Amazon affiliate because it is free for websites owner and bloggers to be amazon associates

so when the customers click the link and buy products from Amazon you earn commission

what do you need to be amazon affiliate?

1: create a website or blog

2: sign up in amazon associates home page

3: enter the information about your account

4: write your website address

5: enter the preferred store ID

6: explain how you can get traffics to the site

7:select the method of payment you want

8: create link for amazon affiliate

How much money you earn from Amazon affiliate program for the begginers?

low Level affiliate can earn about 300$ per day

medium Level affiliate can earn from 300$ per day to 3000$ per day

high level affiliate earn more than 3000 $ per day

super level affiliate earn more than 10000$ per day

How much affiliate link pay?

affiliate link can pay about 5000$ per month for bloggers so it consider a great source of income to the bloggers

this money comes from promote buying products

How to make 1000$ per month with Amazon?

you can make this money by your commission after buying products from Amazon platform

amazon associates program get about 10%percentage per sale for some items

What about paying per click in amazon affiliate?

amazon affiliate is different than any other affiliate it don’t pay per click

it is payment is only after you end your sale and it’s commission is different according to the products you sale

How can you get your money from Amazon affiliate?

you take your money per month by sending check to your dress or put it in your bank account via NEFT