How to write your first blog in your website 2022? main steps to write attractive blog. how to write seo friendly blog post? some important tips to improve seo

after you establish your own website or when you start to work as a blogger you should know how to write a professional blog

How to write your first blog in your website know more secrets

How to write your first blog in your website 2022?

This ideas will help you to start your own blog

1: introduce yourself

2: try to introduce your feild

3: put your social media links

4: check your blog very well before you publish it

5: your blog should contain image, video, links and attractive content

How to write attractive blog?

1: try to found a attractive title to your blog with a good key phrase

2: put the main point of your blog in the first paragraph

3: put the details of the blog in the second paragraph

4: finally add the background information in the last part of the blog

How to write seo friendly blog post?

Before we write the blog with SEO we should know what is SEO and what is SEO plugins that helps you to write with SEO

SEO is the practice of optimizing a blog content , site architecture and HTML code for search engines

SEO is consider as digital marketing strategy that help present of your website blogs in search engines like google

How to set up on page seo?

SEO is a very important tool for all content creators to get traffic to their content. so here is some steps to improve seo

use attractive title to your blog contain main key phrase

put internal and external Link to your blog

put the key phrase many times in your blog that helps the blog to be rank in google research in the first results

there are plugins that help in SEO

1: yoast

it is a powerful SEO tool that guides you to the best readability for your contact and better keywords so it helps you to ensure that your on page SEO is completely optimized

2:rank math

it is SEO plugin for wordpress that makes it easy to anyone to optimize their content with build its suggestions based on widely accepted best practices

it is free plugin with a wide range of features so it is very effective to any person to optimize SEO

3:all in one SEO

it is original wordpress SEO plugin it’s allow you to easily import SEO

it is easy to use and don’t want special skills so it is powerful to make your website rank in search engines so it is very good to get free traffics

so finally you now know what is SEO importance to your blog

and how SEO helps you to rank your blog in first results of google

so writing your first blog with SEO will help you in your website and it’s results.