How to make money from Instagram? top 5 ways to make money using Instagram?

How to make money using Instagram 2022

Instagram is a social media platform with millions of users daily. it is a popular photo sharing application that allow users to add new videos and photos get more followers and grow your business online.

Instagram have the ability to share photos through Facebook, Twitter and tumblr

Log in Instagram is very easy you Enter Then enter email address and put your username and make your own password you are free to make a business account or personal account you also free to choose if you want to make public or private account

How to make money from instagram?

Several ways to make money from Instagram:

1: Step number 1 you can make money as an affiliate marketer promoting some products to your followers and earn commission per every sale

You can post some photos promoting some products and share some stories to your followers they will engage with your posts and your stories and you can grow more and also make money using instgram

2: you can be social media influencer and make money from sponsored posts and stories

This way will take time and effort to have a lot of followers and build a trust and relationship with the audience

Influencer is a person who use instagram profile to promote all types of products

Top influencers take thousands of dollars per sponsored posts and stories

socialbluebook is a website if you have many followers you can start your own business just using Instagram depending on number of followers you can make earn up to 100$and more per publishing one post one your Instagram account so it is a very good deal to make money using Instagram

you also will find a very good tool to calculate how much to take per post according to your number of followers


3: you can be influencer assistant or VA

It is an avilable job that can help you to earn money to be assistant to the influencer helping him to run his work as schedule his work or reply to the comments or reply to emails

influencer may need the assistant person to give him new ideas to improve the work so it is a source of money

4: sell your own products

Instagram can help you to sell your products by promoting them to your followers

This method is very useful to save money that you will pay in making ads to sells these products you can connect Instagram with your website and make money selling products and also through google AdSense as a source of traffic to your website

5: sell instagram captions

If you are good in creative in making captions to you can sell them to companies so you can make it as source of income

600 dollars to 10 captions or 1000 dollars to 20 captions

So Instagram is a very powerful source to get money and a powerful way to improve your life and a good job for everyone who have a good communication skills to attract more followers.