How to become a good YouTube vlogger? What is the material you need to start your own vlog How to become a good YouTube vlogger?how much do you earn from YouTube vlogging?

vlog YouTube channel is one of the ideas of YouTube channels

it consider as one of the most sharing kind of videos and the most popular forms of digital entertainment

what is the material you need to start your own vlog?

How to become a good YouTube vlogger

first you need a camera with high quality and if your mobile phone with high quality it’s enough to start with your mobile phone

second it is necessary to have microphone because people need to hear you voice in videos with high quality

third the light is one of the important material you must have to make your videos more professional

number four is editing software it also very important to make editing to the videos before you share

there is free editing programs you can use but if you need the channel More professional you should have a professional editing software program

How to become a good YouTube vlogger?

1: create a channel in video sharing platform

2: create attractive videos that make the audience interested in it

3: try to make your content professional, nice, and important

4: try to attract people to interested in your videos and subscribe the channel

5: make videos regularly

6: make contact with people in comments

7: share this videos in different types of social media

how much do you earn from YouTube vlogging?

it depends on your views in the channel the CPM for most channels is between .30$ to 2.50$ most channels earn more than 2 $ per 1000 view

ideas for increase your YouTube channel income

1: activate market your content

2: consider affiliate marketing

3: use your platform to sell products

4: understand your audience and know what they need in your content

How to become successful vlogger?

1: try to be yourself to make your audience trust you in videos

2: be sure that different ages see your videos (young people, old people)

3: don’t hide your emotions in videos it is real videos and people should know your emotions in your videos

4: try all the time to improve your self and improve your content

5: all the time try to make videos that your audience need and ask you to make it

6: make competition in your channel to your audience and give them gifts

7: make different videos with different and attractive content

8: make your videos from 10 to 30 minutes to make people easy to see it

all this reasons will make you a good YouTube vlogger