How to be a good online personal trainer? How can you start as online personal trainer?the best ideas of trainer jobs the names of the best fitness application what is the advantage of online training?

How to be a good online personal trainer?

how can you start as online personal trainer?

To start your carrier as personal trainer you should follow this way

1: choose your category of people that you want to work with

2: create a template of training phases for your clients

3: make videos for your training program that can you share online

4: put your online training price

5: make your own application for online training

6: choose the best method for payment you need

Who much does this job make?

if the session is 30 minutes it cost from 25 s to 50 $

when it become one hour it cost from 40 $ to 70$

if it is 90 minutes it cost from 60 $ to 100 $

How to be a good online personal trainer?

to start this carrier you should pick up the right technology device and fitness application

then you should map out your virtual workspace

then you need to make sure you have the needed fitness equipment to make the training to your clients

what is ideas for personal trainer jobs?

1: fitness trainer

2: health fitness professional

3: online nutrition coach and personal trainer

4: education trainer

5: motivation personal trainer

what is the best fitness application?

1: kaizen application

2: ultimate performance fitness

3: freeletics

4: Scott laider

5: Adrian Collins

6: the athlete factory

7: Gordon greenhorn

how long does it take to be a good onlipersonal trainer?

you can study according to the schedule you put to your self

for example it takes from 8 to 10 weeks to international sports science association state learn with 1 to 2 hours training per day

what is the advantage of online training?

1: online training give you the chance to train people all over the world

2: it don’t need gym membership to make your training

3: it is more safe than gym in decrease infection transfer

4: make the client choose their favorite trainer and train with him with out looking for his location