How to be rich from online sales and marketing? what is the online selling and marketing , how to make online sales and marketing, the best online market place for selling your products

What is the online sales and marketing?

online sales and marketing is a way to sell products through internet and electric media

To promote selling products you can use websites , social media and email marketing so it help you in increase the earn of salles

how to be rich from online sales and marketing

How to be rich from online sales and marketing?

to promote product selling by online marketing you have a lot of methods sush as

1: send free samples to influencers.

sending free samples to influencers is a good idea to promote product selling

You can choose the influencer how have a lot of followers that make a lot of audience see your products and increase the chance of selling products so you can increase your profits.

2: social media.

Using social media is a good way to promote online selling and marketing

because social media such as facebook, Twitter, Instagram and pinterest a lot of people from all over the world follow it daily.

So it increase the chances of selling and getting money.

3: affiliate marketing.

Buying the products with your self may be a difficult way to you

So you can let another person to sell it and take percentage of the salles

He may take his money per sale or per month

4: build an email list

having email list to people who interested in online selling and marketing is a good way to increase selling you send your products to all the people in this list so it helps you to increase the ability to sell this products

5: website and blogging

blogging gives you the ability to share products on social media

And helps you to rank in search engines

If you have your own website it is a good way to promote selling

If you don’t have your own website you can share linkes to another websites that make the visitors to this website see your products so it is a way to get more money

The best online market place for selling your products

Amazon, eBay,esty, google express,WalMart and Alibaba .