how to make money using canva 2022? how to use canva ? all information about canva affiliate program


is a graphic design free platform used to create videos, images, visual connect ,documents, presentation and posters

Canva can used to social media to make facebook caver photo ,branded images, pinterest graphic, review and instagram stories

How to make money using canva 2022

how to log in canva?

you can log in canva using

1:using facebook account

2: enter with your email address

How can you use canva to your online business?

Canva can help small business because it is image builder used for designes so it is helpful for business

1: it is free platform

So it very useful to create a lot of different designes and photoes with out money

2: canva is mobile application

So you can use it everywhere so it helps you to save your time and continue your work at ay place

3: send links and work with other people

canva can share links and your design so other people have the ability to help you or make edit for the design and you can take people opinions on your job

4: canva platform have elements, photos , icons already saved to use

So it save your time in thinking about the idea you need and take very short time in the design

5: automatic resize your design

with pro account the resize is automaticly done by resize tool so it is very important to save time

Advantage of Canva for small online business

1: Canva is consider a great online design software

2: It easy to use for small business because you can use a lot of templetes

3: canva is used to get great designs very fast and easy

4: Learning canva is very easy it don’t take time to learn it and practice it very well

5: canva can help you to creat a website more easier than other methods

How can you use canva to get money?

By making logo design , social media graphic design, branding, card design, ebook design, presentation design menu for restaurant and wedding design

You can use canva to promote your website by making design to your blogs and post the linkes of this design in differant platforms or using tailwind to help you to promote your business

so know you can now How to make money using canva 2022