If you have a phone how to earn money? What is freelancer platform? How to be good influencer? What can you do with your website?

all peoples nowadays have their phones so if you have a phone you can make money without need to go to office and leave your home

there are a lot ideas to work from phone only you need internet

ideas of jobs you can make from phone

1: freelance

If you have a phone how to earn money?

freelancer is a platform you can make many jobs through it

you must know your skills and what can you do as a freelance

You can be translator, video editor, photographer, blog writer, make power point, establish website to another people, virtual assistant,and other jobs

chose the job according to your skills is a very important thing

freelancer is a great way to make money and all the time try to work on yourself and improve your skills to can make different jobs with high quality

and make the client proud of you job and give you good review and work with you again

2: open website

opening website is a great idea to make money from phone

First you can write blogs through this website if you have writing skills

second website is a good place to make advertising to your own products or another company products

Third website is a place to share ebooks and make money from this idea

so opening website is a good home job idea

3: work as influencer

Working as influencer is a type of online jobs that done by phone

if you have large number of followers and your audience trusted you it is good to be famous influencer and the clients need you to make advertising to there products

or make advertising to your own products

4: online stores

You can open your online store and buy and sell online from home with your phone

nowadays most people buy their needs online so it is good idea to make money from home

5: affiliate marketing

be Affiliate marketing is a direct way to make money you will sell products to another person and take your percentage according your sales

this percentage will be with sale or per month

6: teach online courses

if you have the skills of teaching another person so it is very good idea to teach another person online

you can learn them language, online skills, how to make power point, how to write ebooks and so on

7: make videos and share it

If you have a phone with good camera you can make videos and put it on your YouTube channel or share it in another social media platforms

so it is a way to increase your audience and you have the ability to use this channel to sell and buy products or make advertising to another person

it only ideas not all ideas to know if you have a phone how to earn money?