how to get high numbers of backlinkes? what is the meaning of backlinks? What are the advantages of backlinks? good numbers of backlinks is?

what is the meaning of backlink?

backlink is a link from outside domain that point to pages on your domain

so backlink are links from one website to a page on another website

How to get high numbers of back links?

How to get high numbers of backlinks?

1: start guest blogging

guest post very powerful way to get high quality backlinks from high domain authority. Guest post is writing a blog to another website to be published so it is a way to get backlinks from blogs to your website

2: create infographics

you publish your infographic and share this infographic in social media and promote it

then reach out to bloggers and influencers then send to infographic directories

then submit a press release and connect with your contacts

3: blog commenting

blog commenting make your rank better in google so it is a good way to link building

4: response to questions on Quora

you can use Quora for backlinks and website linking profile growth

in your question and answer you can put links back to your website

5: look for resource pages

resource page is a web page that provides valuable information for specific topic that include a variety of helpful links and are optimized for several keywords that related to your topic

6: get interviewed

getting an online interview published is a great way to earn backlines to your site

7: make marketing by influencers

Influencers can help you to get large number of backlinks by social media marketing where products or services are endorsed by social media personalities with a dedicated following

8: create skyscraper content

it is a link building strategy that involves finding existing popular content online, proving it,and duplicating the backlinks

9: write quality link worthy content

give other bloggers and industry leaders the opportunity to link back to your site by creating your content

the good numbers of backlinks is?

1000 is a good numbers of backlinks and try to make this links from high authority websites

What are the benefits of backlinks?

backlinks increase your website traffics ,rank, reputation and your relationship

so now we can know how to get high numbers of backlinks