How to start online business with no money? what is the role of personal trainer? The skills needed to be virtual assistant . How to get money from affiliate marketing? What is the salary of online translator?

online business is a good way to start business without needing money in the beginning

most of the usually business needs money and material and employees and need place to start this business

but Online business don’t need all this things because you have the ability to start your business with no money

Not only you start without money you can also get large amount of money

you will found large numbers of jobs that starting with no money and you have the ability to choose the job according to your skills

i will tell you some ideas of online business that starting with no money

How to start online business with no money?

How to start online business with no money?

you can choose one of this ideas to start but be sure that you have the skills for the job that you choose

this ideas are

1: virtual assistant

Virtual assistant is working as an assistant to a company or person that you can help him in his business

you can help him in writing emails, social media platforms, make ads to the products , take care of customers opinions, reply to the customers and their comments

or help him in any tasks about the company work

he will give you the salary per month so it is consider one good idea to start with

but you must be professional in computer skills and have a good language skills to can communicate with different nationalities

2: blog writer

when you have your own website you can write blogs in it this blogs are good source of earn money

or you have the ability to write in another website and take money from the owner of this website

writing blogs drive large amount of money

3: personal trainer

if you have the skills of training another person so it’s very good idea

the money paid for the personal trainer by session

this table will explain to you what is the salary of personal trainer

you can record videos about this training and try to use good equipments and start to train the other peoples

4: SEO

working in search engines optimization (SEO) is very important job because SEO help the website to rank in google so increase the traffics to this website

and it’s very important thing to increase the visitors to the website so increase the website income

the appearance of the website in the first pages in google increase its visitors so writing blogs with SEO is very helpful to your website

5: web designer

the web designers plan, create and code internet sites and web pages

and also used to web application for government or Mon government organization, business and industries

it is considered as very good idea when you have it’s skills and it doesn’t need money to start only need skills

6: graphic designer

graphic designers creat visual concepts using computer software or by hand so the graphic designer must be professional in make this designs

it consider of the best careers you can choose

7: social media agency

social media nowadays is very important platforms because it contain large numbers of followers everyday

so Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, pinterest and YouTube are very important to share your products and get large numbers of traffics

so increasing the traffics will increase the sales

Because large numbers of peoples buy their products online so making advertising in this platforms is very good idea for advertising

you can share the products in your social media platforms or in another social media that contain large numbers of followers and put the links of your social media platforms to increase your followers

8: write ebooks

if you have the skills in writing , writing ebooks is very good job

ebooks are an electronic book , digital file containing a body of Test and images suitable for distribution online

so if you can writing this ebooks you can sell it online and get your earn

9: online research

Online research is a research method that involves the collection of information from the internet so this job consider as a tool of building knowledge for everyone and facilitate learning for beginners

So it important job you can make

10: freelance

freelancer platform and it’s large numbers of jobs is a suitable place to choose your favorite job according to your skills

it contain large of different types of jobs as writing, make power point,SEO work, editing and other different jobs

If you don’t have the skills you can learn some skills and with time improve this skills so in this time you can make a lot of different Jobs

if the client like your job he will work with you several times

11: write guest post

writing guest post for another person is a good job start with no money

You help the client to drive traffics by writing this guest posts

12: translator

you can find this job in freelance platform and make translation to the clients and take your money

Translation job has many types as medical transportation, commercial translation, legal translation, technical translation and literary translation

this table will show you the salary of the translator

so if you have a language and very good in practice it this job is very suitable for you

13: editor

it is a process of editing photos or videos to the clients to improve it’s quality

14: affiliate marketing

working as affiliate marketing is a good idea for online business you make advertising to products and take your percentage about your sales

After driving traffics to the company’s products and complete the sale you take your money

you can take it per month or per sale

15: YouTube videos

only if you have a good camera in your mobile phone you can make videos and share it in your YouTube channel

the earn of this channel is according to your views

you have a lot of ideas for this videos it may be food channel, entertainment channel, vlog channel , sport channel and other types of videos

this videos will give you good money but try to make your videos more real and make your emotions appear in videos and try to make share of the links of this videos in the channels that contain large numbers of followers

this step will help you to increase your followers very fast

16: handmade online selling

making handmade products is a great talent and a lot of peoples like handmade products

so if you have the skills to make handmade products you can sell it online

Selling handmade products consider as a great way for online business

In the end I told you about some ideas for business that start with no money