How to be a good graphic designer? the skills needed to be a good graphic designer. what is it’s salary ?

is consider one of the best choice to your carrier if you have it’s skills

How to be a good graphic designer?

But what is the meaning of graphic design?

it is a craft where professionals create visual content to communicate massages by applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques

learning graphic design is not hard but it needs some skills that May take time and effort

what is the skills needed to be a good graphic designer?

1: creativity is the most important skill you should have because you must all the time have new ideas and all the time make developing to your ideas

2: take software design courses to improve your skills

3: computer skills

4: you must be organized to can save your time

5: communication skills

6: coding

7: digital typography

8: editing

9: print design

10: have the ability to solve problems

11: theory of colors

what is the salary of the graphic designer?

The salary is between $30000 to$80000

the salary start with$30000 and the professional graphic designer will take about $80000 so it consider as a very good Carrier and a very good idea to start business with no money

How to be a good graphic designer?

1: learn graphic designer principles

2: take courses

3: learn about the tools of this job

4: improve your skills all the time

5: work on your project to develop your skills

6: make good portfolio with your work

it takes about 4 years to learn graphic design and take degree from traditional university

the famous graphic designers are

1: David Carson

2: Paul Rand

3: Michael Beirut

4: Milton Glaser

5: Saul Bass

what is the types of companies that needs this job?

1: internet and software development companies

2: advertising firms

3: corporate branding and consultation

4: television studios

5: video production companies

so it consider a very good Carrier but try all the time to improve yourself and improve your skills