How to be a good web designer? What is the meaning of web designer? the salary of this job is? Courses needed to improve your skills in this carrier. Types of the jobs you can do .how to start this job?

what is the meaning of web designer?

It is a person who prepare content to the web it contain the styling and layout of the pages with content that include text and images

he is responsible for plan , create and code web pages by technical and non technical skills to produce a website that fit the customers requirements

what is the tools of the web designer?

1: wordpress

2: Photoshop

3: Invision studio

4: proofhub

5: sketch

6: bluefish

7: google web designer

8: design Bold

How to be a good web designer?

there are some skills needed to be a good web designer like

1: creativity

2: imagination

3: attention to details

4: communication skills

5: technical ability

6: excellent IT skills

7: analytical skills

what is the salary of this job?

this table will show you the salary of this job per month

How to be a good web designer?

What it is the course needed to improve your skills?

It is free online courses

1: learn css layout

2: code school

3: web designing courses by Shaw academy

4:web designing courses by Edx

5: diploma in web development by Allison

the most details courses are

1: web technologies


3: CSS

4: computer graphics

5: bootstrap

6: JavaScript

7: Adobe flash

8: Adobe Dreamweaver

9: animation techniques

10: basics of web designing

11: multimedia and it’s applications

Types of the jobs you can do

1: write and editor

2: marketing manager

3: graphic designer

4: advertising sales rep

this carrier consider as a great job start with no money and done from home all you need is computer

you can find this job in freelance platform or any other job boards

how to start this job?

1: define your site purpose

2: know the strategy of your site

3: know the latest trend in web designs

4: choose your platform

5: select a template and start customizing

6: decide on your brands

7: optimize your content

8: publish your website

9: analyze and improve yourself all the time