The best way to earn money with CPA build to sign up to CPA build and best way to be approved in CPA build? The advantage of CPA build

CPA build is:

CPA or click per action which means when someone complete your offer by only submit his email or phone number you get paid from 2$ to 7$ per lead. you can earn up o 100$ per day according to your efforts to get a lot of traffic to your offer.

Cpabuild is considered one of the best paying and easy to use CPA affiliate network it target people all over the world

It helps beginners to learn and make money from affiliate marketing

How to sign up to CPA build and best way to be approved in cpabuild

1: click here to visit register page

2: fill your personal information

The best way to earn money with CPA build 2022

3- some important tips for you to be accepted in CPA build and why not to be accepted in cpabuild :

-Don’t use the same email that you already used before.

-Try to signup using affiliate link from trusted person

– if you sign up using VPN or Proxy this high risk to be rejected

– if you didn’t varify your email. You won’t be accepted in cpa

– if your IP is dangerous this will increase chance to be rejected so avoid all these dangerous steps to Ensure accepting in cpabuild

How does CPA build work:

It is cost per action (CPA) marketing that make commission to the affiliate when they complete their task.

In cpabuild you can get money from copy past offers and start to promote it you can make from 2 to 7 dollars according to the offer you start to work this.

Tip for you to choose the best offer:

Always start to use offers which EPC above 25 cent to Ensure quality of offer.

How to get 5$ bouns in CPA build?

Go to Events then Click to get 5$ bouns by completing some information about you. And you will recieve after 24 hours confirmation to this bouns through your email.

How to create a content locker on CPA build:

To make money with CPA marketing users have to complete the action to unlock the content

To create a content locker

1: approve account you can use

2: design and customize your CPA content locker

3: extract your CPA content locker URL

payment methods of CPA build

you can take your money everyday as long as your balance increase than $ 50 so it is easy to get your money and so legit

so in this time you can take this money by

1: PayPal

2: Payoneer

3: Bitcoin

4: international bank transfer


The best way to earn money with CPA build 2022

the site offers you it’s own landing pages and you can use them to promote lockers and Avilable offers

1: share landing page lockers on social media

2: create your own website and promote it through SEO

3: paid traffics to promote cpabuild is only accepted if you use Facebook ads. They reject Any kinds of paid traffic except Facebook ads

What kinds of traffic that are not accepted in cpabuild

They completely reject promoting offers using Emails.

don’t accepte paid Traffic except Facebook ads.

They reject Any kind of spam Traffic like robots.

How to get Traffic to cpabuild

1-You can promote offers using Facebook groups.

2-Start to publish some pinterest pins and link them to offer link so you can get high number of visitors to your offers.

3-The best way is to use your blogs to promot your cpabuild offers. So you can publish high quality article and put something free on it and When people want to get this thing they will have to complete these offers to get it. So it is a win win suitation.

4- Another thing is to hire VA in any freelancing plateform to complete these offers so he will get some amount and you will get the remain amount of money

the advantage of CPA build

1: takes short time to approve

2: easy to use

3: making landing page is very easy

4: users can benefit from a very attractive commission system

5: you don’t need a website

6: work in many platforms so you have variety of methods to promote these offers

7: so it is easy to get niche ideas based on the patterns others share

8- you can use smart links so by using these links you don’t have to target people as they will offer suitable offers for anyone according to his country.

CPAbuild payment proof

To Ensure that cpabuild is legit website and easy to use you have to see payment proof from this website.

This is 78$ payment proof from this website that this website is so legit.