The shortest way to make money online 2022 Ideas of freelancer jobs . the skills needed to be a good freelance , what is the web designer? How to be a good personal trainer? The benefits of SEO . the meaning of guest post . the benefits of social media marketing. How to be a graphic designer?

working in online platforms is a great way to can get a job whatever your study and don’t need to take high degree from faculty to can start

only online Carrier need different skills and improving this skills and practice it very well in short time with very good quality

so we find that if you decide to take this way you can take courses and learn from internet or make someone who know things skills to learn you

so when you find yourself ready to start this carrier Try to find a good platform to start from it

this platform must contain large number of jobs to give the variety to choose which job is more suitable for you

and also this platform must keep your money safe and make you sure to take it just after finishing your task

one of the best platforms that you can start from it is freelancer

What is freelancer platform?

freelancer is a platform in which you can start work to yourself with your skills you don’t need office to start and don’t need company only you need is your skills and your quality in job and make the client happy from your job

when the client is happy from you he will give you good review which is very important step because this review will drive another Job to you because it make people want you to work with them to can achieve their goals

You can choose the job that you can make and apply for it when the client choose you to work with him you can directly start

take care of time management and try to be organized and the quality is one of the important things you must make

now i will tell you some of the jobs you will find in freelance platform and choose which is the most suitable for you and start it

The shortest way to make money online 2022

this is some ideas for freelance jobs

The shortest way to make money online 2022

1: write blog

if you have your own website you can write blogs on it or you can write in another website you

need skills in writing to can write this blogs with SEO

SEO make you ranking in google research so help your blogs to appear in the first pages

Writing blogs is a good way to make money online

2: translation

freelancer translator is a person who convert Text from one language to another language

you should have some skills to be a good language translator like

1: advance language knowledge

2: writing skills

3: sound research skills

4: computer skills

there are different types of translation such as

1: medical translator

2: technical translator

3: administrative translator

4: commercial translator

5: legal translator

3: virtual assistant

Virtual assistant is a person who help the client in administrative services and work outside the client office

he takes his tasks and makes it from a remote location for example he runs some tasks like sending emails to the customers or management social media platforms so he is very helpful to the client

he also need some skills to be good in this job like

1: oral communication skills and writing skills

2: computer skills

3: quick thinking and new ideas

4: attention to details

5: social media marketing

4: web designer

He is a person who prepare content to the web it contain the styling and layout of the pages with content that include text and images

He is responsible for plan, create and code web pages by technical and non technical skills to produce a website that fit the customers requirements

the skills needed to be a good web designer is

1: creativity

2: imagination

3: attention to details

4: technical ability

5: excellent IT skills

6: analytical skills

7: communication skills

So web designer is responsible for making some jobs like

1: define your site purpose

2: know the strategy of your site

3: choose your platform

4: decide on your brands

5: optimize your content

6: select a template

So web designer is one of the most effective and important jobs in freelance platform

5: graphic designer

This job is a craft where professionals create visual content to communicate massages by applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques

The skills needed to be a good graphic designer is

1: computer skills

2: editing

3: digital typography

4: theory of colors

5: print design

6: coding

7: communication skills

8: be organized

9: time management

10: Creativity

11: good in software programs

so you should take courses, learn graphic design principles , improve your skills all the time and try to make good portfolio to your job

6: video editor

also video editor is a good way to make money from freelance platform

It is a process of arrangement of video shots to produce a professional video or film by adding professional seamless translation and some professional effects so that get professional appearance and high quality video

SO video editor is a person who rearrange video shots to create a new work and also piecing together video clips, images and sounds to create a movie

Also I will tell you the skills needed to this job

1: attention to details

2: creativity

3: organization skills

4: solve problems

5: language skills

6: writing skills

7: interpersonal skills

8: communication skills

9: aware with new techniques

So video editor is one of The shortest way to make money online 2021?

7: personal trainer

to start this carrier you should pick up the right technology device and fitness application then you should map out your virtual workspace

Then you need to make sure you have the needed fitness equipment to make the training to your clients

You can work as

1: fitness trainer

2: health fitness professional

3: online nutrition coach and personal trainer

4: education trainer

5: motivation personal trainer

8: write guest post

Guest post is an article written and posted on someone’s blog

So when you write in your blog it called post but when you write in another one blog you are called guest and your post called guest post

If you want to work in this carrier Try to write this guest posts with SEO and with high quality

9: SEO consultant

Writing with SEO is the best important way to write blog to make it rank in google so this process make your site better for search engines

SO this blogs appear in the top of the page when someone searches for something

10: Making pins in Pinterest

pins are bookmarks that people use to save content they love on Pinterest .so people can save this pins

So when you have business account you can create pins that link back to your website to share your products or another person products

So you can work for any company and make this pins

This pins will be very helpful to the company in it’s advertising to the products

11: social media marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, pinterest, and YouTube channels is the most effective way in advertising

So you can work in making advertising in this platforms

Because of the large number of people who follow social media every day it make it the most effective way for advertising and the most easy way to buy your products or another person products

so i told you some ideas to know The shortest way to make money online 2022