How to be a video editor in India? what is video editing? who is the video editor?how much does the video editor earn in India? the skills needed to this job .the companies that need video editor are?

what is video editing?

video editing is a process of arrangement of video shots to produce a professional video or film by adding professional seamless translation and some professional effects so that get professional appearance and high quality video

who is the video editor?

video editor is a person who rearranging video shots to create a new work and also piecing together video clips, images and sounds to create a new movie

How to be a video editor in India?

how much does the video editor earn in India?

the salary of the video editor in India is around 22,300 INR per month

The lowest salary is 10,900INR and the highest is 34,800INR

This salary is according to the skills of the video editor

the skills needed to this job

1: creativity

2: activate listening and learning

3: computer skills

4: time organization

5: attention to details

6: communicate skills

7: language skills

8: good in software programs

9: critical thinking

10: equipment selection

11: interested in film and video editing

12 high level of self motivation

13: work under pressure

14: have the ability to listen to the others

the companies that need video editor are?

1: film companies

2: animation companies

3: broadcast companies

4: post production companies

5: video game companies

is video editing is a good Carrier in India?

this carrier is high competitive but has a lot of opportunities especially in India

so it is consider as good carrier for Indian

video editor jobs are:

1: film editor

2: multimedia artist and animator

3: senior video editor

4: television studio editor

5: broadcast and sound engineering technician

the needed software to start this Carrier

to start video editor carrier you must have at least experience in 2 programs according to the type of videos you will be specialist on

there are different types of videos ( animation videos, white board videos, advertising videos, YouTube videos, presentation videos ,etc….

so you must have at least 2 programs according to your the videos you will choose

How to be a video editor in India?

You must learning the tools that most commonly used in the craft such as premiere pro or final cut

as well as learning the craft of video editing

after gaining confidence in their ability to work with video editing tools it is possible to pursue paid work .

so when you know the tools of this job very well you can start work

to find a video editor job you can enter freelance platform

in freelance platform you can apply to this job and when the client choose you, you will start the work directly

after finishing the job with high quality the client will give you your money

so we find that freelance platform is a good way to the begginers to start their new carrier

You can make good money from this platform and you can take this money by PayPal, bank account, check ,or by yourself

so we will find that video editor job is a good carrier for Indian when they have the skills needed to start