The best salary of freelancer jobs, what is freelancer platform , the average salary of the copy writer, who is curriculum developer? the role of the voice over is?

freelancer platform is a place that contain large number of jobs in which the client is from any country all over the world so it is not necessary to work with your nationality so language skill is one of the important skills you should have

after you login freelance platform, you will start to find the job that suitable for your skills and suitable for your time

after you find the job you will apply to it and when the client see your bid. he will communicate or chat with you about the details of the job and when you finish your job and did all the edits that your client need you will receive your money and will leave you a great review

the money that client will pay to you is different according to the job you will make and the quality of your job

so now I can tell you The best salary of freelancer jobs

The best salary of freelancer jobs

The best salary of freelancer jobs

1: copy writer

copy writer is a person who writes persuasive written content for advertising and marketing online or print

he write copy and provide consumers and clients with information about a particular service or products

the salary of the copy writer is

it depends on the skills of the copy writer but it’s average is

1: the junior take between $50 to $80 per hour

2: the middle copy writer take between $80 to $120 per hour

3: the high level copy writer take between$120 to $200 per hour

2: curriculum developer

They are professionals who create instructional system to improve student learning strategies in elementary, middle, and high schools

his salary is about $33.35 per hour

and the begginers can take about$52.272 per year and the experienced can make $109.100 per year

3: voice over

voice over business provides custom recordings for clients according to their needs

they may need voice over for YouTube videos,promotional videos like animation videos which need voice over and TV videos

1: if you providing voice over for commercials you can expect to earn from$100 for local radio commercial to $10.000 for a national TV commercial

2: if you providing voice over for a cartoon and animation you can earn between $100 for a short 15 second animation

and you can take more than$10,000 if you make the lead role in animation film

3: in audiobook the standard rates commonly range between$200 to $300 per hour of recording

4: Tshirts online business

it consider as the best and easiest type of online business that you can make from home

it is suitable for housewives who want to earn money from home

So the T-shirts graphic designer can earn between $18.500 to $68,000 per year

5: web designer

He is a person who prepare content to the web it contain the styling and layout of the pages with content that include text and images

he is responsible for plan, create and code web pages by technical and non technical skills to produce a website that fit the customers requirements

the salary of the web designer is around $60.202 per year

6: graphic designer

graphic design is a craft where professionals create visual content to communicate massages by applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques

the salary of the graphic designer is between $30000 to $8000

7: personal trainer

He is a person who create fitness programs for his clients and motivation them to reach their goals

his salary is according to the session so

If the session is 30 minutes it cost from$25 to $50

when it become one hour it cost from $40 to $70

if it is about 90 minutes it cost between $60 to $100

8: write guest post

When you write in your blog it called post but when you write in another one blog you are called guest and your post called guest posts

There is no typically rate you can easily find someone take $50 for a published guest post another one can take about $300 so it doesn’t have standers average

9: making YouTube shorts

YouTube shorts allow you to record video shorts up to 60 second in length

the creators of this videos can make about $10000 per month

10: video editor

he is a person who rearranging video shots to create a new work and also piecing together video clips, images and sounds to create a movie

The average salary of the video editor for a film is around $488.16

11: translator

he is a person who convert Text from one language to another language

The average salary of freelancer translator is,$ 59.523 per year

12: lead generator

lead generation is a process of generate customer interested in your products and convert this interesting into a sale so you help the products of your company to increase it’s sales

the average salary of lead generator is $ 31,084 per year

13: virtual assistant

Virtual assistant is a person who help the client in administrative services and work outside the client office

he takes his tasks and make it from a remote location for example he runs some tasks like sending emails to the customers or management social media platforms so he is very helpful to the client

the average salary of freelancer virtual assistant is $ 57.023 per year

and the more professional virtual assistant take about $ 73,000 per year

14: making powerpoint presentation (PPT)

ppt is a file extension for a presentation file format used by Microsoft PowerPoint

The most popular presentation software commonly used for office and education slide shows

all the text images , sounds and video used in presentation are contained in the PPT file

The average salary of making powerpoint presentation is $50 to $75 per hour

15: affiliate marketer

affiliate marketer is a person who help the client to sell his products

He takes percentage of each sale and he can take his money per sale or per month or per year

the average salary of affiliate marketer is about $ 154,700 per year and about 12,891 per month

now I tell you some information about The best salary of freelancer jobs