What is udacity digital marketing nanodegree program , does it worth the money, how many Levels in udacity digital marketing nanodegree.

In this article you will get all information you need to know and all secrets and how to pass projects and get the certificate.

What is Udacity plateform:

Udacity is video based plateform it is specialized in tech education the main categories are programming and development, artificial intelligence, Cloud computing, Data science, Business, career and Autonomous Systems.

We will go deep in this article about digital marketing nanodegree program and i will show how I passed all the projects and get the certificate step by step. This real case study.

What is Udacity digital marketing nanodegree program:

It is a program to teach you step by step all marketing skills from search to social media to display advertising, Email marketing, SEO and analytics

and the most amazing advantage of taking nanodegree program is that you get a ton of practical knowledge and you have to finish practical projects to end the program and these projects will help you a lot to improve your skills and ensure that you are qualified to get the certificate and you have a deadline to end each of these project and they will check you work and give you feedback and you will recheck you work and fix all problems until you finish without any errors and get the best benefit from the program.

Udacity digital marketing nanodegree program

what skills you will learn in Udacity digital marketing nanodegree:

1-Marketing Fundamental :

you will learn some basics about marketing and how to organize you work and set a plan to manage your work and your social media platforms and how to schedule your posts all f these things you will learn in additional to some important marketing concepts that you should know

2-Content Strategy : you will learn how to write a good content, what is best length content, what is the best content for each platform like Facebook, twitter, YouTube and Instagram. how to plan your content and how to write creative content to your target audience and how to measure the impact.

at the end your project that you will make is that you will write a blog post and craft 3 social media posts to attract audience to your blog and before you start writing you will provide your marketing objective and KPI

and you will use 2 frameworks to write this blog:

SCQA Framework As you might recall, SCQA stands for situation, complication, question, and answer. and Pixar Framework which consist of

  • Once there was a – usually a protagonist with a goal
  • Every day – describes the protagonist’s routine
  • Until one day – something pivotal that changes everything
  • Because of that – what follows as a result
  • Because of that – what follows as a result
  • Until then – the protagonist reaches goal, but often not in the way they originally thought they would
  • Ever since then – how the character and their situation has changed

still some important details you will submit in content strategy

like describing your targeted persona : male or female, his hobbies and needs, his goals and his barriers.

after finishing all the requirements instructors will review your project and tell you if you pass this project or you need some edits

and before the deadline of any project they will send to you link to zoom webinar to help you step by step in finishing the project and send the templet.

3- Social Media Marketing: you will learn how to craft social media posts and how to gain more followers and attract people to buy your products.

4- Email Marketing: you will learn how to create email calendar, learn different types of email, your email work flow like if you want to get conversions you will send first promotional email then conformational email then reminder email and the last thing is thank you email.

also you will learn importance of transactional emails and drip campaign, how to create an email marketing strategy, create and execute email campaigns, and measure the results.

how to use MailChimp step by step so you can create your first campaign and still some more powerful skills like advanced Email marketing features and how to create welcome email workflow to your new customers. eCommerce integrations and finally linking MailChimp with Facebook

In Email Marketing project you are going to make a successful plan and write your objective and send Email to your subscribers list. And take screen shot of this email and send the template to be reviewed.

5- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :in this project you will learn how to get less compatitive keywords for your website and how to Optimization your website. With super powerful information to help you in learning SEO.

6- Search Engine Marketing (SEM): in this project you will learn how to get Traffic to your website organically using social media plateforms

7- displaying ads: making Google ads campaigns and measure the results.

Still many skill you are going to learn in udacity digital marketing nanodegree program.

Does udacity digital marketing nanodegree program worth the money

Yes for sure you are going to learn a lot of skills and this is the best way to learn digital marketing feild with its various branches and details.

And the most important thing is you have instructor to help step by step and give you important feedback and help you to learn your defects and improve it.

How many tracks in Udacity digital marketing nanodegree program

It consist of 3 tracks.

1-Challenge track : in this track you will learn some basic information about digital marketing.

2-professional track : in this track you will Marketing your content, Email marketing, Freelancing

3- Advanced track: in this track you will get a lot of Advanced information about

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), how to run Google ads campaign.

and a lot of advanced information To help you become a professional digital marketer and start your own start up or help you become freelancer digital marketer.