How to make your first YouTube shorts? what is the needed equipments to make short s? what is youtube shorts rewards ? The countries that receive YouTube shorts fund payment are

How to make your first YouTube shorts?

it is a YouTube feature that allows you to make videos from 15 second to 60 second

so to drive audience to your channel this videos much be with high quality and good content and more creative to attract people to see this videos

and to increase the subscribers to your channel so increase the views and increase the income

the needed equipments to make this shorts are?

camera with high quality and if the camera of your mobile phone is good you can use it

light to make the videos more professional

stand for the camera

microphone is also important to make the people hear you very well

How to make your first YouTube shorts?

1: sign in to YouTube app

2:tap create a short

3: choose if you need the video more than 60 sec tap 15 above the record button

4: to slow or speed the record press tap speed

5: tap timer to set the countdown to record hands free and choose when you need the Time stop automatically

6: to record a clip hold the capture button

7: tap undo to remove the previous clip that you record and if you need to add it back tap redo

8: to preview and enhance your video tap Done

9: tap next to add details to the video (the title and choose the privacy you need)

10 tap select audience to choose your audience

11: to publish the video tap upload

youtube shorts rewards

youtube shorts fund $ 100 million fund to reward creators for their dedication to making creative , original shorts that delight the YouTube community

so there are thousands of creators will appear every month making this shorts

The countries that receive YouTube shorts fund payment are

USA, India, Egypt, UK, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Russia and south Africa

the advantage of YouTube shorts rewards

1: The earn of the shorts can reach $10000 per month this money will go to the channel and it’s owner

when the content is very attractive your earn will be from$100 to$10000 per month

2: if you are from this countries you don’t need 4000 hour views and don’t need 1000 subscribe

all you need is creativity in making videos

but to earn this money you must be

More than 13 years old

and your channel contain video it’s duration around 1 minute or less in the last 180 day

The content of the video and the music and all the things must be your owe work not take it from another video

so in the end making shorts is a good online business