If you don’t have a degree how to make money .How to choose the job? what are the needed skills ? examples for the jobs you can make .How to get this money ?

If you don't have a degree how to make money

Nowadays making money not need a degree ,you can make a lot of money without a degree by working in online business

online business has a lot of ways to start from and different jobs,you can choose the job that you love and take it as a carrier

finding the job that you will start is easy nowadays because there are different freelance websites

you can apply to the job in this websites and when the client choose you, you can start the job directly

examples for freelance websites

1: Fiverr

2: Upwork

3:99 designs

4: khamsat

5: freelance

6: toptal

7: LinkedIn

8: flexJobs

9: Guru

10: Behance

11: Dribble

12: Design Hill

13: Task rabbit

14: people per hour

15: simply Hired

How to choose the job?

when you login this websites and start to search for the job which is suitable for you according to your skills

you will find different types of jobs in different fields , apply to the job which you are interested in

when you apply to the job which you love you can do it more perfect and with high quality and in short time

then when the client choose you to start try to speak with him about all the details of the job

like deadline and the salary and all the things that the client need in his task

when both of you agree to work together , you can start the job and when you finish all the tasks with the needed quality the client will give you your money and also will give you a good review

this review will help you because this review make the clients trusted your work and ask you to work with them .

what are the needed skills to start online carrier?

1: computer skills

2: language skills

3: communication skills

4: social media skills

5: marketing skills

6: writing skills

7: organization skills

8: time management skills

9: take care of the details

10: good listener

11: creativity

12: have new ideas

13 good in graphic designs

14: good in web designs

15: work under pressure

16: work with a team

17: Excel skills

18: SEO

19: photographic skills

and other different skills

How to improve this skills?

1: by taking course

2: by online teacher

3: by using internet

4: by making someone who know this skills help you

examples for the jobs you can make .

1: video editor

2: translator

3: web designer

4: graphic designer

5: copy writer

6: write guest post

7: visual assistant

8: SEO specialist

9: PowerPoint presentation

10: affiliate marketing

11: Personal trainer

12: online teacher

13: online courses

14: write blog

15: influencer

16: web developer

17: online store

18: handmade products

19: food online business

20: life coach

21: YouTube vlooger

22: online software programmer

23: make Tshirts design

24: freelance website translator

25: Ghostwriter

How to get this money ?

by check


by bank

direct way

So you can choose the suitable way for you and tell it to the client

in the end I can tell you that online business is a good source to make money with it’s different jobs

You have the variety to choose your carrier so you will be interested in doing this job and can make money from home