The best information about social bluebook. what is social bluebook? is social bluebook free ? the similar websites to social bluebook are

The best information about social bluebook

what is social bluebook?

social bluebook is all about helping you build influencer business because it is a los Angeles based company allows advertisers to pay social media influencers for posts that promote their products and services

social bluebook log in

1: go to social bluebook

2:click on get start

3:start to fill your first and last name

4:start to enter your personal information like your email and mobile phone

5: then you choose some answers according to your niche

6:first question is “what is your primary challenge you phase in achieving your goals” your

answer will be last answer getting brand deals

7: the next question is ” what is your primary social media platform ” your answer will be any social media you are working on and want to use it to get extra revenue

8: the next question is “what size influencer would you consider yourself” your answer will be the number of followers you already have

9: the next question is “what kinds of brands are you interested in working with” you answer will be any niche you are interested in

10: then you will choose your suitable membership if you want to pay per month you will

pay 19,95$ per month and if you want to pay per 3 months you will pay 15,67$ per month and if you choose annual membership you will pay 12,25$ per month

is social bluebook free?

No for sure but it worth the investment you will pay 19,95 per month and you can get up to 400$ per month so it is very helpful and powerful website to get extra revenue without any efforts. According to your number of followers you will get money and according to your niche. Every story you publish you will get money from. And every post you will get money according to your Instagram engagement. Really it worth the investment

the first one is a transaction fee implemented on each compaign about 20$ dollars per month

and the second is an annual fee paid by advertisers about 12,25 every month for 1 year

How to calculate your value in social bluebook?

Once you finish your login in social bluebook as a creator you will be able to calculate your value per story

, post and video if you have 300k on youtube your approximate value will be about 1k $ per video. Your value depend on several factors your likes, engagement, reach and comments so they several principles according to them

Social bluebook calculate your value and how much you can get per story.

Calculate your value in social bluebook

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