How to make thauthsnd of dollars from online blogging? The skills you need to start online business are the different ideas to increase your income

How to make thauthsnd of dollars from online blogging?

when you decide to make your own online business establishing your own blogging website is a good idea for this business

Because online business nowadays is a good source of money but one thing you need is having the skills for the carrier you like to start

The skills you need to start online business are

1: language skills

2: time management skills

3: communication skills

4: be organized

5: writing skills

6: digital marketing

7: email marketing

8: sales skills

9: Solving problems skills

10: creativity

11: leadership

when you choose blogging as a carrier you will have it’s consider as a good idea for making money

because all the jobs will stop giving you money after finishing it except blogs will give you money after stop writing in your website

but to achieve your goals and can make a lot of money you should know somethings

How to make thauthsnd of dollars from online blogging?

1: making money will take long time

you can make thauthsnd of dollars from online blogging but this thing will take long time because In the first 6 months of this business you try to write a lot of articles with no traffic results

and at this time you don’t make money

and in the next second 6 months you will try to increase your knowledge in writing and increase your number of blogs on your website and try in this time to have more than 100 articles

In the third 6 months your page views will increase and at this time you can get results for income and traffic

After 2 years of work and by having more than 200 articles it’s easy to see thauthsnd of dollars

2: the quality of the content

the content you will write must be original content that’s mean when you decide to write about specific topics

make good search for this topic and collect all the data you will need for writing about this topic

but make your own analysis and write with your style

try to write your blog with a simple way to make it’s easy to all the readers to read it and learn from it

3: write your own experience

try to be yourself in writing and write about your experience and give your audience honest advice about the things that you tried by yourself

tell your audience about the advantage and the disadvantage about this thing

and when you write about specific products try to use it by yourself first and collect all the data about it and tell your audience about all the allthe things you learn about this thing

4: try to write different topics with different content

you must be creative in chosing the ideas of your blogs and write it with your style

write about new ideas and also you can make survey about this idea and collect data from different kinds of people

collect this date and write it by a simple way for example you can write it as table to facilitate it’s read

5: from ads

once you finish optimizing your website with at least 15 blog within at least one month you can apply to google ads or any advertising website and start to show ads on your website and get money from it

6: from social media platforms

you can share your blogs in the different social media platforms to increase the traffic and increase the number of your audience

and also you can make videos on YouTube and talk about your website so it’s a good way to increase your traffic

7: making email marketing

email marketing is a good way to increase your traffic by making email list with the people who are interested in your kind of blogs

so it’s a way to increase your traffic and increase your income