How to increase your blogging website traffic? The 6 steps to increase your website visitors

the role of email marketing and social media

How to increase your blogging website traffic?

It is very important to increase the traffic to your website to increase your income

their are a lot of ways to increase your blogging website traffic

1: email marketing

it is one of the effective way to increase your traffic by making an email list by all the people who are interested in your website topics

then send them emails that contain introduction about yourself and contain all the information about your site and also the Link of your bloggers

this is effective way to get traffic at short time

2: Social media advertising

social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube are very effective way to increase your traffic

this is will done by sharing the links of your blogs in this platforms

This is very effective way because of the millions of people who follow this platforms every day

3: write attractive title for your blogs

writing attractive title to your blogs is a good way to attract people to read this blogs

try to choose the topic with low competition and with high search volume that’s mean that the keywords have at least 1000 monthly searches in google

4: write about the competitors topics

when you find that their are topics written by your competitors and this topics generate traffic try to write about this topics to increase your traffic

5: keyword phrase

Search for the keyword phrase you want to rank for in google and the search results will reveal what I like to call ( the 3 C’s of search intent)

The first C means content type (like blog posts, product pages, category pages and landing pages)

the second C means content format (how to guides , tutorials,list posts or opinion editorials)

The final C is content angle ( the angle mean the benefit of reading this article)

6: the value of the content

be sure that the content of your blogs flows and provide value to the readers

be sure that your blog is easy to read and understand

you must be honest in all the information that you write in your blogs