How to write a good blog in 60 minutes? The five steps to write a good blog , how to control your time in writing? The good number of words needed in your blog

How to write a good blog in 60 minutes?

Writing a blog in 60 minutes is not a difficult thing to do but when you decide to do this you must know the easy way to do that

when you decide to write a blog you must take care of the quality of the content, the information you will write about, writing with SEO, the time of writing and the number of words you will write

Because the longer blogs are rank on google more than the short blogs

try to write your blogs with at least 1500 word to increase your chance to rank on google

How to write a good blog in 60 minutes?

the first thing

to save your time in writing you should make a list with all the articles you need to write about

This step will take a few hours or a day to get the keywords that you find using Google alphabet_soup method

now you have the keywords of your articles so when you decide to write open this list and start writing

this step will save you time and effort

the second thing

the second thing is to write the first sentence and the answer paragraph

this answer paragraph will done by some research about the topic you write

but try to write the answers with your style after listening to YouTube videos and make google research

after this research try to arrange your points and write with your style

this step may take from 10 to 15 minutes

the third step

write your first sentence and your answer paragraph

the answer paragraph is about three to four sentences long

This answer paragraph usually bolded and this technique will give you a great results on Google research

step number four

We never see blog posts that ranked number one that are incredibly shot

so after research they found that the Average number of words to rank number one on Google is 1980 words

longer blogs are rank more than the shower one

so you should try to increase the number of your words by putting examples about your topic and write about three to four subheadings every subheading contain about 300 word and the introduction contain 300 words or more

the next step

put a big image in the top of your blog and you may need one or more supporting images

step number six

to be sure of the quality of your content make a good revision to your blog with all the information you write

and write with SEO in improve search engines research

put internal link with another link of your blogs and put external link

This internal link will increase the number of visitors to your site so this is one of the methods to increase your traffic

when you write your blog by following this steps it’s a good way to rank on google research

so now I can tell you How to write a good blog in 60 minutes?