The best way to earn $1000 per month,the steps for making successful website,How to increase your website traffic?

The best way to earn $1000 per month

Making $1000 per month is a good thing especially for the begginers in online business so I told you how to start your online carrier and make this money

Opening your own website is a direct way to do this thing

you need to have writing skills and language skills and communication skills and time management skills to start this carrier

also you need to be organized and have computer skills to facilitate your work

but if you don’t have this skills you should take courses or listen to YouTube videos which teach you how to learn this skills

if you are ready to start this job their are some steps you should make

the steps for making successful website

1: open your own website

2: choose the category of blogging you are interested in

3: start to write this blogs with SEO

4: try to write large number of blogs to increase the number of pages views to increase your income

5: write the blogs with large number of words to increase the chance to rank on google

6: choose the topic which has low competition to increase your chance to rank on Google

7: make good research about the topics you will write about but try to write with your style

8: try to write your own experience and if you write a blog about specific product it’s necessary to try it with yourself and write your own opinion

so you must tell your audience about the advantage and the disadvantage about this product

9: after finishing this blogs it’s a good idea to share the links of this blogs in different platforms to increase the traffic to your website

10: to increase your income putting affiliate links is a very good way to increase your income

11: selling information products is also a good way to increase your income

How to increase your website traffic?

1: opening YouTube channel

opening YouTube channel is a effective way to increase your traffic because millions of people see YouTube every day

so making videos about the topics that you write in your website is a good idea to increase the traffic

2: email marketing

email marketing is also a very effective way to increase the traffic by sending emails with all the details about your website and the links of the blogs to an email list

this email list contain the people who are interested in the content of your blogs

3: social media platforms

social media with it’s different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube is a good idea to increase the number of traffic

By sharing the links of this blogs you can increase the traffic to your website because millions of people follow this social media every day

4: write attractive title to the blogs

To can attract people to read your blogs write attractive title to attract people to open the bog and read it

5: choose the topic with low competition

write articles with low competition and high search volume to increase the chance to rank on google

6: the value of the content

write topics which is important to the readers with good information

try to be simple to make all the people interested in your writing style

be sure %100 from all the information that you write

The best way to earn $1000 per month

1:opening your website and writing your good content blogs

2: open YouTube channel with videos which talk about your blogs content

3: implement affiliate programs

4: put ads on your website

5: by selling informational products like ebooks or video courses or another form of this products