How to make $500 per day from Quora? what is Quora platform? is Quora affiliate links difficult?

How to make $500 per day from Quora?

what is Quora platform?

Quora Is a platform to ask and answer questions so it’s a place to share and get information and increase your knowledge so it’s a top ranking site that make a successful market companies

it is used with people all around the world who ask and answer questions by online way

quora is a big website it gets a lot of traffic as high as 500 million visitors every month

38% of these visitors are from united state

5% are from the united kingdom

4% are from canada

3% are from Australia

How to make $500 per day from Quora?

You can make money from Quora by using Quora affiliate marketing

after answer the questions that these people have on this platform and then redirecting them to our affiliate products

so now I will tell you how to do this

first go to clickbank and choose the product you need

clickbank is an affiliate marketplace where they have thousands of different digital products where you as an affiliate can go and promote to people online and take your commission

And it’s a very simple and easy to sign up to clickbank then you can see all the different categories of products

second go to the niche that you know and answer the questions in Quora and choose the product which you know a lot of information about it and put it’s link

so people can see your answer and the link of the product you would like to promote

third create mini website slash landing page and put simple description about the product and it’s picture

then put the name and the email of this product so now you are able to download the products for free

so it is the exact page that you need to link it to Quora after answering the questions

so when people see the answers of the questions and go to this page and put their emails and click download they are directly go to the clickbank product

and when they make a purchase you will directly know your commission

step number four it is considered as the most important step

this step is how to promote clickbank product on Quora this is where money is gonna be made

so first you must be sure that you have a niche profile picture then you must have a short description about the product

then put the link of your landing page where people can put their emails and go to your affiliate links

when they buy your products you can know your commission directly

is Quora affiliate links difficult?

in the beginning it’s difficult because you don’t have your audience and people not trusted you to buy the products that you promote