The best ideas to make money from YouTube 2022 , how to create YouTube channel , the best 6 new ideas for YouTube videos

The best ideas to make money from YouTube 2022

making YouTube videos nowadays is a good source for making money because there are millions of people visit YouTube platform every day

so you can take your YouTube channel as a business and create new ideas to this channel to increase its followers

First I will tell you how to create this channel

1: sign into YouTube and click on the user icon

2: click on the gear icon to get to your account’s YouTube setting

3: click on create a new channel then choose (Use a business or other name)

4: add a name and click create

after creating this channel try to be creative in your YouTube videos ideas so now I can tell you some new ideas

The best ideas to make money from YouTube 2022

1: wordpress tutorials

wordpress is a very popular blogging platform and you can make a lot of different ideas of videos in this niche

there are millions of people follow this type of videos and you can make thauthsnd of views for this videos every day

every 1000 view can make 10 dollars so you can make about $500 per day if you get 50000 views for the videos

and you can put affiliate links to this videos and increase your income from this type of videos

2: tech tutorials niche

millions of people are searching for this topic every day

for example how to make PDF file in mobile , how to convert Pdf to word , how to convert photo to Pdf and so on

you can make simple videos about this niche and make money from YouTube

3: video editing tutorials

you can start this channel and learn people how to edit videos

for example how to edit videos on your phone , how to edit videos on PC, how to edit videos for Instagram and TikTok and so on

and you can make also put links to courses that learn people how to edit videos as affiliate links

and when people buy this courses you can take your commission

4: Microsoft Excel tutorials

excel is a very popular niche you can make videos about it because millions of people are search about this niche and it has low competition

So if you are technically inclined you can make a lot of followers and can make a lot of money from this niche

Also it is a good idea to put links for courses and take your commission

5: reviews of courses, software or products

nowadays people are searching for a review for everything before buying it so if you make a good review for the products and put the link of the products in the description so people can buy it from the link and you take your commission

so making review channel is a good idea for making money

it’s also a good idea to make review for physical products because it has low competition

6: vlog videos

it is not a new idea of videos but it is one of the most subscribed videos

millions of people are following this category of videos and love it

you can improve your content and make new ideas so by this way you can increase your followers and your income

now i can tell you about some ideas for YouTube channels