The best 10 YouTube channel ideas without face appearance ,how much money can you make from faceless YouTube channel? what is the material that you need to make a video?

The best 10 YouTube channel ideas without face appearance

When you need to make videos on YouTube and you don’t need to appear your face Making faceless videos is a good idea when you decide to take this carrier and make money from YouTube

there are different of ideas to make faceless videos and there are millions of people follow this type of videos so when you make it with good quality it consider as a good source for making money

The best 10 YouTube channel ideas without face appearance

1: craft channel

Craft channel is a popular type of faceless videos and millions of people are following it every day

about 65 millions of people subscribed this type of channels and this channels have nearly 300 million views

it is the third biggest YouTube channel in the USA and this type of channels can earn about million dollars every year from views and ads

examples to craft ideas are creating accessories and handmade products

so this idea is one of the best ideas to make videos without face appearance

2: unboxing videos

this type of videos are following with about 5 million subscribers

in this video people are opening boxes and narrating their actions

unboxing videos show the products in favorable light and can have the same effect as advertising

3: celebrity spotlight

because celebrities are always trending so there is always news and exciting to cover

So making this content will drive a lot of followers to your channel and increase your incom

4: drive traffic to other platforms outside of YouTube to make money

instead of making money directly with YouTube content,you can create ad-like videos to drive viewers to other platforms like your blog, online store, affiliate links or online courses to make money

5: cooking channel

if you have this talent you can make channel and cook different types of food and this category of channels are following with millions of people every day

because not all the people know how to make food so a lot of them are searching for different types of food to learn how to make it

so you prepare the ingredients that you need and start to make your video by telling the people all the procedure for making the food

6: handmade channel

If you have the skills of making handmade products like clothes or accessories or bags or any kind of products it’s a good idea to create this channel

so by this channel you can learn people how to make this handmade products

7: review channel

most of the people nowadays are searching for the products they will buy before buying it to know all the advantage and the disadvantage of this product

so making good review for the products will help a lot of people to take their decision about buying this product or not

You must be honest on your opinion and try to use the product with yourself before making the review

To increase your chance in making money you can put the link of the product as affiliate link

so when someone buy this product from the link you will take your commission

8: teaching channel

This type of channels will help students to learn their subjects

if you have the skills to teach others this type of channels will be suitable for you

And Also you can make courses and learn people a lot of skills

9: movie review

because a lot of people are interested in movies so this type of channels are following by large number of people

it include movie clips, fun fact about the scenes and a good review for the movie

10: entertainment channel

you can make your content about animal, sports, sports or news or any other content

this type of videos also not need to appear your face only you can make voiceover or put music to the videos

what is the material that you need to make a video?

first you need a camera with high quality and if your mobile phone with high quality it’s enough to start with your mobile phone

second it is necessary to have microphone because people need to hear you voice in videos with high quality

third the light is one of the important material you must have to make your videos more professional

number four is editing software it also very important to make editing to the videos before you share

there is free editing programs you can use but if you need the channel More professional you should have a professional editing software program

ideas for increase your YouTube channel income

1: activate market your content

2: consider affiliate marketing

3: use your platform to sell products

4: understand your audience and know what they need in your content

how much money can you make from faceless YouTube channel?

it depends on the views of your channel

you need about half million views to make $1000 in Adsense money