How to start your podcast carrier 2022?the equipments and the recording software that you need to start podcast carrier are

to start your online podcast carrier you must know everything about this carrier before starting it

in this blog i will help you and tell you some important information about it let’s start

first you should know the equipment that you need to start your podcast carrier

the equipment that you need to start podcast carrier are:

1: the microphone

How to start your podcast carrier 2022?

It is the most important tool that you need because it is audio and you are recording your voice

there are thousands kinds of microphones and after trying large number of them I can recommend for you to use Samson Q2U microphone because it is very inexpensive and relatively speaking, it plugs in just via USB

and also there are other connections beside USB to make your job more professional

2: shock mount

it is also necessary because it suspends the microphone essentially in mid-air if you will takes the contract off the microphone it’s important because if you have this connected to your disk using a stand or boom arm it reduces the vibrations from your desk or any room noise

3:boom arm

it is used to connect your mic to your desk

it usually come with a desk clamp that screw into your desk and finding good position for recording your audio

the recording software need to start your podcast carrier

there are different recording software that you can use

1: if you are in a Mac computer you can use Garage band it allows you to edit and cut and slice and dice your show

it also helps you to import and export and drag and drop things like voiceovers and it can export it as an MP3

I prefer this program because it’s very easy to use

2: if you are on windows computer or PC you can use Audacity or use Adobe Audition

3: if you record an interview you can use Zoom or Skype and take this audio and make editing to it

4: when you are in event and want to record an interview you can use external device or use your mobile phone

How to start your podcast carrier 2022?

1: make your plan about the topic that you need to start with and target your audience

it is necessary to choose one niche to start with to be specific and can follow the results of your job more easy and to help your audience by listening to the topic that they need

it is necessary to choose the topic that you are interested in to can continue and increase your results and it’s also make the job more easy to you

2: choose a suitable name for your podcast

3: The time of your episode is depends on your content and the information you will say in the episode

for example you can make episode about 10 minutes but it has a good value and good information

and you can make long Episodes with no value so it’s depends on the information that you will say

4: take your decision about the number of episodes that you will make per week

5: the most important advice I can tell you about is being yourself and being creative

6: to increase your income from podcast you can publish it on YouTube as a video to can gain audience from YouTube

You can also make marketing to your own products or another one products as affiliate links and take your commission

in the end of this blog i Can tell you How to start your podcast carrier 2022?