The best 10 advices to the new podcasters, What is the meaning of podcast? where you will upload your episode after finishing it?

The best 10 advices to the new podcasters

What is the meaning of podcast?

podcast is the process of making digital recordings of radio programmes that people can download from the internet

The best 10 advices to the new podcasters

1: take care from the distance between you and the microphone You must stay close to the microphone (fell your moustache on the foam of the microphone)

2:in any software programs you use you can see a little meter as far as your audio levels it’s spectrum between green and red

so in your software while you are recording you will be able to see just loudness or softness of your voice if you get into the red it’s dangerous zone because the audio is going to be distorted and you can’t come back from that

but if you are in yellow or green it’s good because you can turn it up

3: always do a test recording that’s by making test to the microphone and be sure of each part of it and if you make a video also you should test the camera and be sure that the camera will record the full episode so this step is very important to do

4: make a plan with the topics that you need to talk about by making reschedule the needed topics or schedule them with someone

5: it’s very important to hook your listeners at the beginning because you must attract people to listen to you

6: imagine your target listeners while you record by imagine the person who is interested in the topic that you talk about

7: when you make a mistake when you recording don’t stop and start from the beginning but continue your episode to the end and make editing to the record and remove all the mistakes that you found

this method will save your time and effort

8: before starting to record your episode you can write some notes with the information you need to say in this episode in a paper and put this paper beside you to not forget anything you want to say

9: don’t make over edit to your episode when you hear breath or saying um a lot in the beginning because it’s Natural to find these things and with time you can improve yourself and decrease this things but use editing to remove bigger problems

10: keep your episode more fun especially when you record interview because making the episode more fun will make the people interested in this episode and you can increase your followers and improve your business

where you will upload your episode after finishing it?

after you finish to record your episode and make your editing you will upload it to a podcast host and your host will publish it in different places like Apple, Google, Spotify and stitcher

so your podcast host is the place where you upload your episode and put the name of your episode and put it’s description

I can recommend for you Buzzsprout host because they love new podcasters and take care of them and it’s easy to use

in the end of this blog i Can tell you The best 10 advices to the new podcasters