The best 5 ways for advertising 2022 , the role of publishing audio podcast on YouTube, the role of TikTok in business

The best 5 ways for advertising 2022

making good advertising to your brands is the best way to increase your sales by increasing your audience so the methods of advertising should be devolved all the time

in 2022 there are new methods of advertising I will tell you 5 of them

The best 5 ways for advertising 2022

1: publishing podcasts on YouTube

A lot of people are increase their sales by making audio interviews and they have the camera on and publish it on YouTube to expand their brands

othe thing nowadays is audio podcast who are deciding to keep the camera on , they weren’t on YouTube before they were only on Apple and Spotify

so they turn on the camera and turning those interviews into videos on YouTube

so may put it as long episode or taking snippets of this conversation and put it on YouTube and expand their brands

In the end we find that this method of advertising increase your audience so increase your chance of sales

2: private niche communities

this idea is not new but it found in Facebook groups for example health community and food community

But the great communities are the ones that are niched down like an Indian food community or marathon runners for people over 50 community

those are the places where people can find others like them and that creates a really amazing felling because you feel like you have connected with somebody who’s just like you on the other side of the world

but Facebook are controlled by some bigger sort by conglomerate that might one day just change everything

so a lot of people are now building private niche communities

So if you have a product you can put it’s affiliate link in this communities where people are interested in the same product

and if you can create a good content people will come for your content and they will love the people and stay in the same community

3: virtual summits

It is like event but in an online fashion

so it is an event that happens at a specific time for a certain number of hours or certain number of days and oftentimes there are multiple speakers in this events

this events may be for free or paid events

this method of advertising is trending nowadays because it’s difficult to people to find their communities and educate themselves so virtual summits are increasing in numbers

this events are helpful for us to bring emails and to connect with more people so people are learning from each other and sell their products

4: TikTok for business growth

it is not a platform to people dancing in it but nowadays a lot of businesses are flocking to TikTok for finding new people and get millions of views to his video

so you can get millions of traffic with different ages to your business so it is good method for advertising

5: text massage marketing

you can make offers and send it to people by text massage

and also text messages now are used to direct connect between people so text massages are used to build your community and to build connection with people and your brands

So this method is used for selling your products and increase your sales and increase your income