How you can use podcast to make money? How to buy your own products in your podcast? The role of your podcast fans

When you start your online carrier you always spend a lot of time thinking about some things like how can I improve myself, new ideas to be creative, how to attract people and increase my audience and the best ways to increase my income

so you spend a lot of time to find different ways to increase the income some of them are easy and some of them are difficult

but all the ways to increase your income will take time and effort and continues work

so when you are a podcaster and you need to increase your income from this carrier you can do this by different ways I will try to help you and tell you 3 ways of them let’s start

How you can use podcast to make money?

1: affiliate marketing

How you can use podcast to make money?

the first way to make money is affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing is taking commission after selling other one products or company’s products

so one of the advantages of this method is it’s not necessary to have your own products you can sell different types of products and take your commission

the second advantage of this way that you can take a commission for the same products for years starting from the time that you recommend it to people

the third advantage is there are a lot of different products you can recommend to people

where you can get this products?

you can get this products from Amazon or this product may be a software that you use or a course that you have taken or handmade products or any type of products

but you should now that you will not make money in short time but it will take time and continues work and deep thinking about the helpful products so it will take time and effort to do this

and you must tell your audience all the advantage and the disadvantage of the product and you must be honest to make people trust you in the second time

2: your own products

selling your own products is also a way to make money from podcast especially when you have large number of audience

So you can make your handmade products or software that you used or online courses or a book that you have written

but i will tell you a very helpful advice when you start to make your own products start to tell the people about it and don’t wait until it will finish

make the people waiting for this product and know it’s development all the time If you do this people will be interested in buying the product after you will finish it directly

and if the product is a book tell the people about it and you can take their opinions about the title of the book or it’s cover

If the product is a course you can make a gift for your audience and invite the audience who are interested in the topic of the course to take the course for free

but if the product is handmade product you can take the opinions of your audience about it’s design and it’s colours

try to make the opinion of your audience to attract them more to your products

3: a fan supported show

there are a lot of tools like Patreon

Patreon is a tool which allows you to essentially collect money from your audience who are the fans of your show

The amount of money that they paid is different according to the reason they paid for

may be paid 10 dollars to call you every month and also they may pay

$4000 or $5000 to come to your house once a year

or you can make a membership community and people will pay to join this community

this membership community is also helpful to you to sell your products because all the people in this community are interested in the same products

so in the end I can tell you 3 ways to increase your income from podcast